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December 19, 2008


We're just saying, watch this.

(Thanks to RussellMc)


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OMG! It's those shuffle people again!!

Stop the torture!!!!

*crawls to the corner and shudders*

They can't dance, either.

Now is the time on Sprockets when we dance!

How come when I watch soccer I never see women dressed in black on the field?

"How come when I watch soccer I never see women dressed in black on the field?"

You're watching the wrong channel?

The text description in German from the submitter says that he can't recall the year that this fashion show occured, but that the decade is obvious.

To which I would add, "Raus! Raus!".

Well, bunde my sliga that was delightful.

pogo - That was my first thought, too. Well, actually, not my first thought. Actually, it was far from my first thought. But I did, in time, eventually come to that conclusion. I thought maybe Dave was suggesting that soccer is full of people who can't dance.

I wonder what your standard Paris fashion shows would be like if the models started dancing on the catwalk instead of just walking it with "I'd rather be playing golf" expressions on their faces?

You know, those shorts could be a bit shorter!

I'm just sayin . . . .

Reminds me of Tiny Tim tiptoeing through the tulips.

i hope you all watched to the end... that last guy...




Didn't I see Martin Short in there somewhere?

Ditto on muds comment...

Why were they clapping at the end?

Ditto on the last guy. That MAY be Martin Short, rick.

*SMACKS* mud for making me look again!

I've seen worse. Such as that scene from the Odyssey were they stab the Cyclops in the eye, but apart from that, nothing worse.

Is that a soccer ball, or are you merely happy to see ... um ... nevermind ...

rick, yes.

"So You Think You Can Dribble?"

They had to cancel their soccer practice once they realized they had no balls......


It all starts with not using your hands to play the game.

Dieter sez: "Do you vant to touch my monkey. Go ahead. Touch it!"

I suddenly have the urge to watch "Love American Style" reruns...and maybe "Hulabaloo"...

They were gyrating around like the soccer players who get tripped and behave like they were amputated by a shrub cutter. So I guess these are fashions for wusses.

I know a teamfull of soccer players, and my imagining of them dancing like this sent me into helpless giggles. Though their practice with the funky jump- and skip-hop-thing does the same.

What a great video for the Benny Hillifier: http://james.nerdiphythesoul.com/bennyhillifier/?id=ji6r7J6L2bk

*snork* at Renaldo's link!

Much more watchable with the Benny Hill music... thanks Renaldo!

When do they drink the koolaid™ and "go to sleep"?

Begs the question: Where are they NOW?

And the French keep surrendering to those guys... ?

I agree, Renaldo's link was more enjoyable. But about 1/2 way through, I said "Hey, she's cute!". Then, on closeup, I realized it was a dude!

Ok, I am now going back to watching "Mamma Mia (Deluxe edition) on DVD. NTTAWWT, right?


I think I found the link to the dancers prior job

I also just found a spot-on parody of the Mamma Mia script

PB............the Nimoy thing was cruel.... just cruel.

...I think I found the link to the dancers prior job

Everything is better Benny Hillified.

PB, that was HYSTERICAL!! (the Mama Mia script)

The Nimoy song was just WRONG!

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