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December 29, 2008


(Thanks a LOT to Jeff Meyerson)


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What was jeff looking for in the women's section of a British newspaper?

Do something! Throw a huge federal bailout at it! Anything!!

As someone born in 1980, I for one heartily welcome the return of disco. For far too long it has been attacked by baby boomers of my parents' generation who really were too old for its first wave anyway and who preferred to blame the music instead of just facing the mirror and admitting that they were too old to change their taste. I'll probably be in the minority here, but I hope Boney M makes a comeback in some form.

Go Fanilows!

as someone born in 1957, who likes their music to have actual lyrics, i can only say "blarrrrrrrggggh"!


1961. I'm gonna go hide in country music until I find out this was all a dream sequence.

and, hey, insom....what was life like back in the 50's? Were you in black&white? Did you know Andy Griffith? Did you wear a poodle skirt? (Don't answer that last one)

Ditto that, insom. As someone who had the misfortune to hear "Keep It Comin' Love" this morning let me add...I cannot afford to lose any more brain cells these days.

I know annie agrees.

Do do Do do Do-Do-Do-Do-Do,
Do the Hustle!

*spins cg out from the "cuddle" move, she teeters off her platform heels, crashes into the wall, laughs at me* Truth be told, she does a lot of that last part.

1947 (same as Dave) says look in the dictionary for "insipid". Disco is given as an example.

Disco music was pretty much banned from my household when I was growing up.

My parents' house had Lawrence Welk. To this day, I still view the accordian with a depth of contempt that rivals my view of mimes.

Bring on the BeeGees, but not the Bubbly Music.

Scatter guns with buckshot will also make a comeback. And Moltove cocktails - those are hot!

The Apocalypse is here and it's too late to run.

OMG OMG OMG!! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEE Disco!! I can't wait for it to migrate to the States and I can bring out my platform shoes and sequin tube top. Course now it fits as a headband...the top, not the shoes.

I guess I am a minority here, huh?

*goes to the blog corner doin the hustle*

Oh, hell to the no!

In Miami (well..Lauderdale to be exact), we had the cheap version of Studio 54 ...Studio 51 LOL..man those were good times.

And yes, I kid you not - I truly truly love disco music. It was quite popular here in Miami, mostly with us Hispanics. The gringos dug their rock. I loved both - go figure.

I still own Village People & Donna Summer albums...among others ;-P

A disco ball, now, at my age, might bring on a stroke.

*rummages around attic, finds box marked "1978"*

Polyester pants: check
Polyester shirt: check
Blow dryer: check
Gold chain with small spoon attached: check

I'm ready.

Не асилила

Hey Boo,
Boney M sounds familiar. I think I owned something by them, back in the days of vinyl. I can't remember what though.

I believe I'll stick to country music, thanks.

I thought this thread was going to be about the new Palin baby name (Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston).

Coulda been worse, I guess. Bristol could have named him Stumble. Or Oops.

Local country music club has a Western saddle hanging over the dance floor. It's covered in tiny mirrors, like a disco ball. Not sure what to make of it, but I usually need a drink before going near that place.

Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!
Disco's alive!
Disco's alive!
Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!
Disco's a-li-i-i-i-ive!

Well, you can tell by the way the people snork,
I'm no dancin' man, more like a dancin' dork.
Music cool with heavy beat, I've been turned away
With my two left feet.
And now its all right. It's ok.
And you may run the other way.
I just say that's how it goes,
Make sure you protect your toes.

Though I am a geezer, it just looks like it's a seizure,
Disco's alive, disco's alive.
Feel the dread awaken 'cause every move I'm fakin',
Now, disco's alive, disco's alive.
Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Disco's alive, disco's alive.
Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Disco's alive.

I like this blog it gives you the punchline and then the joke like jeaprody

*readies handbasket & white suit for Meanie's trip to disco inferno*

Wait for me. I have to get my jeans dry-cleaned first.

double yahoo!!!!! this blog keeps getting better and better, i say. siouxie-- a blog dance party must be planned!

Once I arrive there and get going, I should be compensated for making the inferno that much more hellish for everyone else with my "moves".

*Hands Annie a pitchfork*

It appears this issue has divided the blog into two groups - the bell-bottomed polyester crackpots and the sane, God-fearing people who love the USA.

*snork* @ Meanie Gee!

♫ Burn baby burn, disco inferno...burn baby burn. Burn that motha down....♪

I saw the Trammps a few months ago at this Discomania concert. Still sound good even if they're dancing with walkers ;-P

nora, I'm sooooooooo there! think judi would let us bring a disco ball to the blog?

Annie's right correct. This post is heading toward socialist dancing.

Hey, if it means we get another chance to try to burn down Comiskey Park, I'm all for it.

Snooooork at Meanie!

ISIANMTU. I wore tan Italian leather boots that looked almost exactly like these to my first concert (Donna Summer) back in 1977. I also had a hairdo that looked like hers, a dress in grey that looked something like this, and the obligatory disco purse that looked something like this (long strap so you could wear it on the dance floor).

My father was not pleased with the boots, and said they looked "like hooker boots". For that reason, I had to make sure he didn't see me leave the house with them on.

My friends and I didn't have our driver's licenses yet so we took the bus downtown to the concert at the Auditorium Theater.

Sure enough, on the bus was a lady of the evening, wearing MY boots! But in green. (I never told Dad.)

♫♫♫♫ I feel loooooooove...♫♫♫♫

♫ Thats the way uh huh uh huh, I like it uh huh huh ♪

Okay, I'm gearing up for my first Brazillian. New Years Eve, that is. I understand that a wardrobe of white, tan and glitter is in order.

Or, so you think you can Samba?

It appears this issue has divided the blog into two groups - the bell-bottomed polyester crackpots and the sane, God-fearing people who love the USA.

I was both expecting and dreading a reaction like that. I've had variations of this discussion a few times earlier.

Boney M: samples of all their late 1970s hits here.

Not all disco is uplifting however. Boogie Wonderland (1979) has lyrics that go (ISIANMTU):

Midnight creeps so slowly into the hearts of men who need more than they get.

Daylight deals a bad hand to a woman who has laid too many bets.

The hero stabs you in the face and says "Baby, uh huh, it don't work."

Pssssst Boo?? It's "The mirror stares you in the face...etc..."

just sayin'

*disco...disco duck...*

Uh, Boo - that was a snork-inducing comment I made. If you take stuff seriously on this blog, you may hurt yourself too much to get funky on the dance floor.

Lol to meanie's song! And an honorable mention to Byron's 9:49pm insight and its spelling of 'jeaprody.'

*runs to storage unit*

*puts on respirator to avoid dust*

I knew I kept this pile of old vinyl for something!

At first I was afraid, I was petrified...

*goes shopping for platform shoes*

disco. i remember disco. p.e. class, 3rd grade, we all learned the hustle. i stumbled into the walls then too.

Boo, even though disco sucks (in general) there are always exceptions for most of us.

And Earth, Wind & Fire is great (and NOT disco)!

*holds lighter up for Meanie's song - burns thumb*

i'm singing so many great songs in my head right now!!! siouxie-- i think we also need a fog or smoke machine. oohh, i better get my roller skates out of the closet...

Prediction for "the ball drop" (yes, they called it that!) in Times Square: 20 degrees, wind chill 0.

*burns polyester suit, Farrah wig for warmth*

*waves as nora whizzes by on skates*

(runs to the store for hairspray for big hair)

(hums "Stayin' Alive")

(looks in trunk for bellbottoms)

Red, white & blue "flag" bodysuit, white bellbottoms, thick, patent leather belt and shoes w/ giant clear heels that had fake goldfish in them.

There. My confession is over. I must now do my penance.

I tried a couple of moves here in the office and pulled several muscles. I will have to sit this one out.

Patiently waits for the acoustic revolution.

love ta love ya, meanie.
i stopped listening to music on the radio when disco came in, so now i guess i'll have to stop all together..... hope NPR doesnt get a theme with that beat. and why did the author refer to disco as "her"????

As someone born in 1980, I for one heartily welcome the return of disco.

Posted by: boo | 06:25 PM on December 29, 2008

I wore tan Italian leather boots that looked almost exactly like these to my first concert (Donna Summer) back in 1977.

Posted by: Cat R | 10:45 PM on December 29, 2008

Geezer Alert:

February 12, 1964
Carnegie Hall
The Beatles

*god i'm old*

It's all an alien plot.

1962 and I loathe Disco and all its evil spawn (rap, hip hop, techno, etc.). It was bad enough the first time around; this is like the return of an audible Black Plague as far as I'm concerned.

*Lays her head down on the geezer bus seat in front of her and weeps uncontrollably*

Jeff - Stones, on Sullivan, 10/25/1964.

The Rolling Stones formed as a group in 1962. Four years to the Golden Anniversary Tour. I might have to show up.

I had a chance to see the Beatles in the 60's. I said that I'd rather stay home and play with my new Batmobile™. I have since regretted my decision.

1956, and I fondly remember wearing my sequined tube top and Capezio wrap skirt and dancing to ABBA. Fun times. I think I still have those clothes in the dress-up bin in the basement.
Coincidentally, I am currently responding to an unusual resquest by my 19 year old son to help him try to run an old computer game (DOTT) on MS-DOS because only geezers understand that ancient carp. We do have some use.

Unfortunately I can't do it.

Arrrrrgh. Cab'n boy! Fetch me my green leisure suit. And wipe that look from yer scurvy face there.

Fingers in the ears, hands in the air? Neat trick.

OMG - I HAD a green leisure suit. If you had to wear coats and ties back then, which many of us did, the leisure suit was welcome. (So long as you didn't do the medallion thing.) It was actually comfortable to wear 8 hours a day, even with a tie, which was not.

Now at about the same time my (now ex-) wife convinced me I needed a pair of Earth Shoes. With those and a leisure suit, I felt like a perfect dork.

OK people. Here's your daily dose of comedy:

Indian disco from 1982. (Do NOT miss the video).

The Wikipedia article says that the movie has lines like "He's got guitar phobia. A guitar killed his mother."

*fillets NotSherly's ancient carp*

Siouxsie, your version of the lyrics to Boogie Wonderland make more sense than mine.

AWBH, that came out more seriously and reactively than I intended. Sorry about that.

WWII — yeah, if y'all look up "geezer" in the dictionary, they've got my foto ... first "concert" (dances, really) with a "star/celebrity" as the headliner: Lieutenant Buddy Knox ...

Uh-huh ... also major trivia memories ...

I'll stay on the C&W side, or merely use my iPod™ ...

Anyone wanna hear some Hank or Willie?

Wowsa! Nice to see all those double-knit suits, satin bell bottoms & platform shoes dusted off. My mom was a seamstress and made me the most incredible clothes. I had tons of satin pants and glitter & lame (not lame)tops. Anyone remember "popcorn" fabric??? Had that too. Good Times.

Yes, nora. Roller disco too ;-)

Retro snorks at Siouxie's sequin tube top (we had the same one?), Meanie's geezer seizures, Cat R's boots and Punkin's flag body suit. Is it any wonder we became the "seriously twisted wonderful" bloglits we are today?

*fries up Pogo's ancient carp fillets*

If Disco comes back I won't have hot flashes anymore. I'll just say I have Night Fever, night fever, night fever! And I know how to use it!

Beatles, Comiskey Park, 1965
Me: age 23, with husband and friends, probably in an altered state of some sort.
Opening act: Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs
Scandal: We didn't stand up for the Star-Spangled Banner, earning glares of disapproval.
Outcome: Much like Dave's hunger strike at Haverford, our courageous act of civil disobedience failed to End the War. Memories...
(However, since reading this post this morning, I've had "I Love the Nightlife" pulsing through my aging brain. Yer never too old for the Music of the Day:)

Betsy, Alicia Bridges, who sang I Love The Nightlife, grew up about 10 minutes from where I live. Funny but growing up I never noticed that she loved the nightlife, loved to boogie, on the disco round! Just trying to get the song in everybody's brain now.

HOT-DANG...boogie oogie oogie - me loves it!

my folks had a popcorn ceiling-- does that count?

i'm off to get more glitter, check back soon!

Back in the early 70s my brother moved into an apartment where the owner's son had painted the ceiling black with the skylight painted yellow like a sun.

But then, he was also at Woodstock and the Concert for Bangla Desh. And he hung out with John Belushi at Grateful Dead concerts.

Betsy - I loved Sam the Sham & the Pharoahs!

*ooooo - I mean 'baa'; baa?*

I was more concerned about the pit bull attacking the bear for a crowd's amusement. Looked like somewhere in the Middle East. Maybe Michael Vick has expanded his operation.

Thirteen years olds with the love of modern rock and alternative and a bit of Broadway cringe. Such as myself. Whereupon, I feel like a penguin at a polar bear convention stepping onto the geezer bus.

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