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December 31, 2008


Key quote, disturbingly repeated in every news story: That's when the woman reached behind and squeezed. The man tore free and fled.

(Thanks to DavCat, queensbee, Cathy Seidenberg, Jeff Meyerson, Larry Martell, and probably a few others.)


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On behalf of men everywhere,


Not that I would ever do anything like that...

May I be first to say: Freakin' ouch!

WTG, granny!

Git 'em, granny. Too bad you didn't have a fart silencer with you. He'd be whistlin' Dicksie all the way home.

private indecency

WTFBBQ, I'm in a lot of trouble.

OOOOOoooooooh, Annie, Annie, Annie ... y'all never let up, do ya?

I like that in a person ... especially them whut frequent this blog ...

yeah i hope his cellmate gives him a squeeze or two also.

Granny Grip of Steel

He didn't know she used to work for the vise squad.

he was easy to find. They just looked for a naked guy with an ice bag on his groin.

*snork* @ Cat! Think she'll testiclefy?

Annie, he should be glad he didn't testiclefry.

That really took some balls.

The code enforcement officer later cited the man for exposed wiring.

you go granny.

The naked man's name is Michael Dick....IANMTU

Yep, Jan, the man of the hour: Michael Dick, living up (or is that down?) to his name.

As they say in the Army Special Forces, "Once you get them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow"

Lazeeboy -my thoughts exactly... never even heard of "private indecency"...we could all be in big trouble.

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