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December 16, 2008


Not so much the issue as the cropping of the protest photo.

(Thanks to Baron vonKlyff and RussellMc)

URGENT BUT NOT SAFE FOR WORK UPDATE: Say what you want about the French, but they do not crop.

(Thanks to Danny)


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They're cutting off the nude guys' tips? O well, they can always find work in Israel.

First to be outraged.

Or not.

I am acrimonious!

If they take away their tips, does that make them Jewish?

I surrender!!! NO more nekkid French people!

If they take away their tips, they still have the porn, right??

No pockets. Where do they put their tips?

On the French link, scroll down to the Taser article...David Caruso's brother?!?

I can't believe they are stripping them of their rights!

Judging from their pale skin, the sun must never shine in France.

But no nudes is good nudes.

The weather looks a bit nippy.

Tsk, tsk - don't care how cold it is - somebody already took those boys' tips. After that glimpse, I'm sure not in a hurry to um, drive a Renault, IYKWIM.

Allen - on the french link ... there was an ARTICLE?

I'm sure the tips will at least be smaller in the near freezing weather.

If the Germans had seen that when they marched in, they'd have turned around and left.

Who's the bag lady? Doe's she take Francs?

Evidently the frigid weather called for fur

Some one notify P E T A

ok, I think my computer is a perv. it will open up the french (nude) link, but not the other (I assume clean) link. bad, bad computer.

*fires up Photoshop and crops French photo*

This is a family blog, goddammit consarnit!

I went to your restaurant for the first time tgnhoit. Had the blackened scallop salad. Amazing! Thank you to your staff and especially your chef.God bless you.-Your new thrilled customer

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