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December 29, 2008


We'd better get our calendars!


(Thanks to Annie Where-but-here)


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Mommy, can I keep him??

oh and THANK YOU JUDI!!!!

*el truco de hato*

The first "Related Link" answers any questions you may have about this calendar...

Siouxie! No! Don't touch! You don't know where it's been.

If they cook too, I'm buying!

cleaning's good and all, but can he fix stuff? mow? entertain small children?

*WAVES @ Hammie!!!*

awww man. but but...look at those muscles, pecs, arms, lips... puppy eyes.

cg, I'm good with just the scrubbing.

*waves @ Hammie!!*

Was he the Cowboy (No offense, Wyo...) or the Indian in The Village People?

But I bet he makes Christmas fudge.

I wuz a bit intrigued by the "Homer & Moe Talking Beer Opener" ... does Dave know about this item?

(Scroll down on the "related" link ... )

oh and YAY! Annie's hunk got posted!

*Waves @ Annie!!! (and thank you!)*

*Waves @ Siouxie!!!*

He's using a paper towel on the mahogany. Somehow I don't care. Talk about 'polishing toe good wood.'

This is the best part of Dave's vacation. Watching certain guys work.

*grabs 'toe'. Throws up 'the.'* Is it warm in here or is it just Siouxie?

The thnak-you was for umm, err, for the girl in the French-maid costume. Carry on.

I most certainly agree, Annie.

Off to shop. Cuz I'm still on vacay!

*flaps apron @ gals, turns his back and drums on his butt-cheeks*

pssst, Annie just grabber her "toe", IYKWIM

adds take dog to vet to list of demands.

Um, for the record, WARNING on any link Siouxie and I put up on this post, ok?

Buy, Siouxie! Bye-bye Buy-buy!

On the flipside, let's not forget about girls who know how to use their power tools.

Pirateboy, that was hilarious, but again, what have you been googling?

I am happy to say I watched the video of the girls using their power tools.I am very happy to say that.

Yes but does he have a good sense of humor? I remember a Dave Barry article several years ago where he said women never ask that so I'm proving him wrong. Although, to be honest if he cleans and looks that good.......

nursecindy - he's gorgeous and he's pretending to clean. That's enough proof of a sense of humor for me.

*comes back to thread to ogle at the help*


YAHOO!!!! god bless judi :)


Ohh...Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrolando?? you missed a spot....

YUMMO. thanks Judi!

..i keep wanting to turn the page and see if one comes in blonde




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