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December 27, 2008


(Thanks to CJrun)


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At FIRST, I thought that was Tiger Woods throwing that ball.

Hopefully, they'll chuck a few at the Steinbrenners.

I'm pretty sure you couldn't actually name a whole team "Indian Spearchuckers". Fortunately, "Pirates" is apparently still politically carrrrrghect.

I am so proud of having a healine like that, posted after I sent it in. Thank you, judi, for keeping me where I belong.

I am a lucky man to live in a world where crossgirl won't read that, until tomorrow. Because she is not very understanding about this sort of thing...oh, whom am I kidding....

CJ is in trooooooooubllllle tomorrow. And those poor Indians will be begging to leave Pittsburgh in no time. They should be playing for Cleveland anyway.

Change it to Motherchuckers.


annie, catching up, i see you were gifted a lot of inches there on christmas day. congrats on the christmas horror story. i think we shared mothers.

*snork* @ crossgirl for 'Christmas inches.' Thanks. Kind of a 'Mommy Reindeerest' saga.

Heh. If they're any good, the Pirates will trade them away. We're not allowed to have a good team here in Pittsburgh.

In other baseball news...the Marlins just signed a schvartze and the Rays signed a jungle bunny.

There were other news of signings in the NHL, but the list of peckerwoods, rednecks, crackers, and poor white trash was too numerous to list!

?!...well congarats, antney. the content of your post qualifys you for the #1 spot on your list!

Thank you just sayin' I appreciate being number one on my list. I wasn't the editor who made the headline of spearchucker, but alas it's just words and my intent was to highlight the fact that they would never utilize other defamatory words in describing black or white athletes, yet somehow spearchucker made it past.

..good point. ..i think ;) (n yeah, there will prolly always be the crapweasel name-calling. won't it be wonderful when peoples is just peoples?).

(happy holidays! :)

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