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December 22, 2008


We'd like to try this with Congresspersons.

(Thanks to Justin Barber)


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Elon, weird isn't just a characteristic of Japanese game shows. It's a prerequisite.

I've been thinking the folks in Congress should be forced to go on "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?" and if they aren't, then they get booted out of office.

Congres should be forced to eat dogfood only during every recession and/or depression, and MRE during times of war.

I don't think you'd get many Congresspersons on that little dog, Dave.


Actually, I couldn't decide if the dog was just incredibly patient or was waiting until there was enough food to make a decent-size meal.

"I know how hard it is to put food on your family (pet.)" - G.W.Bush

Jeff, the dog is owned by a control freak. They call it 'training' but it's not. 'Trainers' like this often would like their women & kids to obey them in a similar fashion. In dating, this is usually a red flag. "Look what I can make my dog do." Grrrrreat. See ya!

Oh, the eyes on that first poor puppy. I think the 2nd one was drugged. The monkey was hilarious.

Poor doggy. Should have bit the b!tch.

All that and now Paulson wants Congress to release the other 350 billion bananas.

I though the last one was Al Franken gathering votes.

I've gotta agree with gjd, monkey is hilarious.

'cause there ain't nothing funnier than a monkey in a Gumby outfit.

It looks more like Congressmen feeding bankers, to me. Especially the monkey. I think I saw him on Lou Dobbs, something about derivatives. Kept jumping up & down and making noises like in this video. The Dobbs kept agreeing with the monkey.

Oh, by the way, as a public service, I've organized your last-minute Christmas shopping for you.

You're welcome.

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