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December 28, 2008


May your days be merry and briiiiiiiight....

(Thanks to Joe Morrissey)


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That really gets my goat . . .

Burn, baby, burn!
Straw Goat Inferno,
Burn, baby, burn!
Burn that mother down!

a regular Bokken-alia it was!

Hi folks. I have been blurking for too long and when I read about the well done Swedish goat I just had to send it in. Happy New Year to all!

I can't blame them for burning it. There are some incredibly gaudy Christmas decorations around here I wouldn't mind torching.

i'm thinking they're sending a message to the squirrels.

And Dave's mysterious absence is explained.

Message in a Bottle Bokken?

(Hi, Joe!)

AWBH - Here in ATL a local radio station used to sponsor and annual "Tacky Light Tour", and invited listeners to "turn in their neighbors".

On the appointed night they loaded up a tour bus (with bar) and cruised the designated sites (or "sights").

I never got to take the tour, but I understand the grand finale one year was a house that had everything, including a Baby Jesus riding Rudolph.

*snags miscreant "d" in "and" in the first line*

*Waves @ Joe!* Welcome to the craziness.

I guess no one noticed the burnin' bocken that was posted yesterday, twice WHOA! what a surprise!! ;-P

Also, Burnin' Bocken wbagnfarb.

A giant straw goat erected each Christmas in eastern Sweden was set on fire on Saturday in a violent tradition of vandalism during the festive season that has spanned four decades.

heh! they said erected.

Revenge of Father Christmas and the Gingerbread Man WBAGNFARB.

Yes, Siouxie, we noticed your post about the goat getting 'fired.' We just didn't want judi to get fired.

Med! You have power!! yay!

during the festive season that has spanned four decades.

Geez, I thought starting the Christmas season right after Thanksgiving was bad. Four decades????

Siouxie, nope, not yet. Had a sleepover at my sister's house last night, and evacuated the dog and the kids to their Dad's house.

They ought to just make it a tradition to build the goat, set the goat on fire and roast marshmallows and hotdogs and be done with it.

sounds like vandalizing the goat is as much a tradition as erecting the goat .

BTW, Dave's 2008 review was posted on fark.com with the following tag:

New Year's can mean only one thing: it's time for Dave Barry's 2008 in review

straw goats burning in an open fire,
bokken flaming, there she goes,
yuletide vandals always planning for the fire
while gawkers watch live video

everybody knows, the bokken and some kindling
help to make the skyline bright
Barry bloglits with their wine all a flow
will cheer when bokken fin-ally lights

that's exciting...I posted a message that didn't post. maybe I forgot how.

I second what Med said.

wow...I take back what I said - except I still 2nd Med.

LOL cg!! good one.

♫ It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas...when Swedish goat's aglow...♬

No se.

It would appear that Adelfa is very upset that Condi didn't save the bokken... or so my basic understanding of espanol would indicate.

si es spamo.

Si, random. That and she would like to note that Fluidos Primarios WBAGNFA salsa/rock band.

It's a Swedish tradition: get drunk, listen to Mahler, get sore and burn something up.

adelfa es un pajero.

Go Jags! Quoth the Ravens Nevermore!

Ohhh, gimme a break; this is our last game of the year so I won't bug you again until the Pre-Season...or maybe Training Camp...or maybe the Draft.

Something like this kinda gets your goat,doesn't it?

Disaster! Jags are up by 4, but I bought unsalted nuts! Gah!

*grumble, grumble*

Jags down by 17. Have I mentioned that I have no salt on my nuts?

Keep sweating that game, CJ, and they'll be salty soon enough.

Snork @ Annie!

Sioux, I"M BACK! With a sparkly clean refrigerator, I might add.

U-G-L-Y, You ain't got no alibi, you're Ugly, Jags, you're Ugly (5 offensive snaps, 4 penalties!!). Oh well, one quarter left.

Have I mentioned that my most awesomest Gators will be chomping Snoozer Boozer butt on January 8th?

Jags down by 20, Dallas down by 41, Bucs end their season with a loss to the Raiders; there is not enough beer in the world. Therefore...Tequilla!!

well, siouxie, i really don't know how many times i can say that if something is posted in the comments section, i won't see it 90% of the time! ;) once more, i guess.

Yeah. Nothing says Christmas like a goat.

Is that what those little meatballs are made out of?

And goats used to be like, mailmen, hunh? Only they smelled better.

BTW, how old was Dave in 2001? Just askin'...

' Vandals are rarely caught, but in 2001, a 51-year-old American tourist spent 18 days in jail after he was convicted of setting fire to the structure. '

There goes your run for the Senate, BARRY!

And in blog-whoring news: CHRISTMAS: THE DAY AFTER.

YAY Fins!!!

*snork* judi, I knew you'd say that LOL

Is this Sweden's answer to Burning Man?

maybe giant straw goats are better than huge inflatable santas, as decorations.... and they do make a helluva christmas bonfire.

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