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December 24, 2008


Have joy, OK?



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YAY for Joy! And a Meeeoowwieee Christmas and Happy Hannukah and Krazy Kwanzaa and Wacky Winter Solstice...etc.

and Have Joy to you and yours.

Joy is especially glad you didn't write, "half Joy."

is 'half' a verb?

at any rate, Merry Christmas to all.

Awww, that never gets old! Have Joy to everyone there too!

Half can be a verb, WYO, right after it has the meaning reassignment surgery.

Joy All

Ah, it's good to have traditions!

I think that "halve" is the verb form, Wyo.

Well, we're off to church, where we shall receive the Christmas Message via the Mumbo-Jumbo-Tron (copyright, run enterprises, 2008). At least, I think we are off. crossgirl took one look at what I'm wearing and mumbled something about, "Maybe I should wear a black skirt," so I don't know what that's about.

Noel, Y'all.

comfort and joy everybody. i'm off to sing at the lallapallooooza 'midnite' mass which starts at 10. dont ask. aha, and you all thought i was only jewish. i am. and then some. Ding dong merrily on high!

Aw, I love that card. Thanks for the smile, on top of the smiles ya'll give me all year long. Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays to one and all.

A very meowy Xmas back atcha, Siouxie. For the rest, bottled joy to you.
Gotta love the classics - Charlie Brown's Christmas, the Grinch, and Sophie's Joy.

Have joy, wonderful food, fun festivities, and good times with family and friends. Thanks and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to Dave, judi, and all the wackos bloglits that make my days merry and bright!

Happy Joy, everybody!

T'was the night before Christmas...

Peace be on ya!

Christmas pilfering and mincemeat pie
Cold drinks snorking out your nose
Jack Bauer shooting terrorists in the thigh
And folks creating poems and prose

Everybody knows a giant man made out of snow
Helps to make Dave’s blog delight
Tiny frogs looking like Manilow
Invade your Christmas dreams tonight.

We know that Dave’s posts make our day
Exploding cows and snakes and squirrels he’ll display
And every blogger writes with wit and style
To give us reasons for laughter and smiles

And so, I’m offering this heartfelt praise
To Dave, and Judi; bloglits too
Although it’s been said many times, many ways
Merry Christmas to you!

Enjoy whatever it is you do this time of year.The cat and I are off to bed.For sleeping purposes only,you guys.Mayhaps Santa will drop something down the chimney for us this evening.Have Joy.

Joy to all bloglits! And wishes for a good New Year for us all.

Aw, Sophie got it right forever with that one.

Happy Holidays, bloglits and judi and Blog family, all!

Joy to all bloglits! And wishes for a good New Year for us all.

(stupid bot)

A Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

I'll take that joy and raise you.

Merry Christmas, everybody. And have a truly glorious New Year.

Snapshot of my Eve: Came home to find a child I'm familiar with had outfitted my 90lb. Lab with a pair of antlers, replete with flashing lights. To the question of, "Isn't he sooooooo cute?" I only had two answers.
1)He looks like a gay Reindeer. (NTTAWWT)
2)Is he the endomorphic brother of Max, from Grinch fame?

Time to crack the bottle on the Chocolate vodka. EnJOY the day bloglits!

Sophie's drawing wins (again) as the best thing Dave has posted all year.

Merry Christmas to all. I don't know what twists of fate brought us all here, but I'm glad we can all be twisted, together!

Have joy.

Joyva halvah.

Coincidence? I think not.

("In some parts of the world it was considered a sacred symbol of immortality and life. In other cultures it was thought to promote fertility and sexual response." From this scholarly article.)

Don't forget to watch Dave's soon to be Oscar nominated role in Marley & Me tomorrow

Thanks, Dave! And Sophie and Michelle and Rob! And judi and The Wienermobile! And Ridley! And Cat and Alias! And Siouxie and Suzy and Annie (not Greensprings) and Med and Daisy and Ducks and Punkin! And EC and MM (not Mickey Mouse, but him too and Minnie and Walt and Great Ormond Street Hospital-GOSH)! And Andy and Jack and Chloe and Edgar and 7 Of 9! And DD and KDF and everyone named Steve and padraig! And Crossgirl and CJ! And Mot and Lizzy and rascal and Cheesewiz and qbee and DDDoc and Doc Rick and Cheryl and Hands and NurseT and JGirl! And mudstuffin and Wayne(Here, but not here-here because I would get confused, NTTAWWTBBQ) and sly and Wes and Hammond and LisaBFFisa and bali and ChicoMom and Baron and insom and PhilTX and Bill and Lou and tomservo and President Allstate and CarrrrrrneAsada and sammiches! And Wyo and WDude and PBoy and Lzboy and Mahatma and Shark (but not Jet, Maria) and Braniff and cKent and nora and Margaritaville and thunking and SchadeBoy and frod-olives and KBear! And DavCat and Jeff and sjh and NSSJan and Lair and Meanie and Jazzzz and SMGS and Elon and pogo and ron and red and dropout and all geezerbusriders! And Donner and Wolf Blitzen and Jessica with the fake Hootlograms and Carrot Top! And everybody else whose (not who's) name contained a vowel and/or consonant that I forgot (the name, not the vowel or consonant). And Walter! And the ghosts of Ernest and Zippy past!

Have Snorks Joy!

Joy acquired. :) Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone.

*spreads Joy*

*sits back and waits for bubbles to fill the blog*

Merry Christmas Morning, all. Hope the frozen bloglits are hunkered down and warm; we're halving sensible weather!

Have Joy to All! Except to iTunes, which refuses to download its update on my computer so my daughter can hook up her new iPod.

I believe that I delivered a nuanced, yet powerful -- even commanding -- performance.

Of course you did, Dave. As always.

Did somebody ask for me?

God Bless Us Everyone!

Parents up before kids on Christmas? Just what was in the cake at Uncle Bill's house?

I love you guys.....
Hoppy Halidays...

hope santa and/or joy made it to all! here in record-heat-wave-for-christmas florida, cj ensured no visit from the man in red by lighting a fire in the fireplace.

Dave's actually wearing a black shirt in the movie?? Now that's acting ... !

(with apologies to Jon Lovitz)

Merry Christmas

and @SNORK@ to danceswithvowels for "everyone named Steve" -- you realize of course that's half the blog ... !

It must be Christmas,
We had cookies for breakfast.

Have joy!

Cookies for breakfast here also.And lasagna.

Hey, I had cookies for breakfast too! No lasagna though -- that blasted cat keeps wolfing it down before I can get to it...!

Nollaig hona doibh!

And Hava some Nagila while you're at it!

Did someone say lasagna?

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL YOU CRAAAAAAAAAZY AND AWESOME PEOPLE!!! Have Joy, have Love, have booze, have it all! I love you, guys!

Off to church!

and @SNORK@ to danceswithvowels for "everyone named Steve" -- you realize of course that's half the blog ... !


And minippe and kelly and guin and Stevie and Reece and DivAllen and Justin and AmerInParis and JaxKen and Claire and Ilene and eilbeback and Jay and Jello (not Biafra!) and Kat and Kathy and Auntie M and onterrible (not Siouxie) and jug and PirateC and philippe and Dad-O-Lot and Libby and Ford (possibly Prefect) and JayBee/JB/JBach and klezmer and fivv and Umanity and Chevious and more people named Steve and Completely and Stupendous and JP and just sayin' and Renee and Santa and Loudmouth and all the ships at sea and Theresa! And everyone else I forgot! I blame France eggnog! And all y'all! And Jeff MacNelly and everyone else we still miss! ((And everyone still here to miss them!)) And the crew of Serendipity and Dr. Hammertime's Blog-Along Book-Strumpeting! And BM and Rico and Lola Copacabana and DJ Riko and various other DJs and Rollerblade Barbie!A Very Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Delightful Diwali, Krazy Kwanzaa, Enjoyable Eid, SatisfyingSolstice, and/or Heckuva Humbug!

As for temperatures, here in Daleyville Obamatown Chicagoland, we got nuthin'. S'posed to get up to the low 20s, though, and 40s on the weekend!

Or even a Happy Hanukkah. Sorry! I wasn't paying sufficient attention to typing and/or any/everything else going on around chez dances.

LTTG, should've stopped in earlier ... Joy to all of y'all ... especially Dave's outfit and BSJ and Them Others ...

dances, I believe you've covered everyone that is and ever WAS on this blog. Good job!!

Time for a Christmas nap before more stuffing of the face.


I got a 365 days of Dave desktop calendar. Darling wife says that on the box it says something about "poulet surprise". I guess there's a chicken recipe in there somewhere.

Merry Christmas, y'all!

I got danceswithvowels' Barry's Bloglits Calendar. It has 2,038 days and many sleepless nights. Somebody get him some decaf, will ya?

*Flaps in for a moment, hugs all*


*Flaps away to in-laws for Christmas dinner*

dances, I believe you've covered everyone that is and ever WAS on this blog. Good job!!

Thanks, Siouxie! I thought I should hit some of the future bloglits, too, like Rowrow The Powa, Calderhan Wysqueeb, and Theodore Of The Absurd, but I probably failed.

And Jo{llymon,sh,y} and lmouth and ^Sherly and tony and tt!

Pssst....jolly...if you'd waited a couple of days, you could get Dave half-price. Not that he's not worth double most of the time! :)

Turkey - check. Squash - check. Glazed onions - check. The Vermonters - CHECK!! Sis and BIL just arrived - Let's EAT!

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Somebody get him some decaf, will ya?

Aw, AW, Thanks! Hope your new year is as good as it is long! (quietly dumps decaf in the bot while Annie's not looking and returns to regularly scheduled Irish coffee)

... if you'd waited a couple of days, you could get Dave half-price.

Remainders can be a good deal, indeed.

Present! (What, this isn't roll call?)

This is what I like about joy: the more you give, the more you get.

Thank you, Sophie.

Just a little.

Feliz Navidad, a day late. Hope everyone had a fantabulous Christmas and thanks for all the laughs.

Sorry I'm late.

Have joy to you too, Sophie.

And to the rest of you, Happy Holidays Merry Christmas Seasons Greetings Peaceful Birth of Christ to you all.

You better not, tele:

"......NSSJan and Lair and Meanie and Jazzzz and SMGS and Elon and pogo and ron and red and dropout and all geezerbusriders! And Donner and Wolf Blitzen and Jessica with the fake Hootlograms and Carrot Top! ....."

Have Snorks Joy!

Posted by: danceswithvowels | 02:15 AM on December 25, 2008

Thanks, Meanie. I was trying not to leave anyone out, but did take some, uh, liberties with the spellings; I'm telling you why -- for the simple reason that I don't have a reason. Makes things nicely ambiguous that way.

Er, uh, *squirm* , *squiggle* ah, musta missed that part - thanks, Meanie ! And Dances - I know you meant to include everyone - I just didn't know if there was more than one "dropout" or not. Thanks for including me !
I'll quit pouting now ...

such a big baby -

No cause for worryation, telecom. Don't mentionify it. When we wake to whimpering, whining, and/or whinging, I tend to be rather more proximate than mediate, but the reverse in the current instance (probably 20 mA). When I'm not simply the focus, that is. Sorry to be of service.

And Dialtone! ;-)

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