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December 31, 2008



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You, too, judi ...

Yes!! A Happier New Year!! Thanks for the firequirks Judi!

Happy New Year to you and yours judi and to everyone else here as well! Hope you have a good one!

Happy *ducks* New *dives for floor* Year *whew that was close* to *covers head* one and all!

(it sounds like gunfire on my speakers)

Happy New Year to all and to all a good night. I'm pretty sure that's how it goes...

Meg A. Sparkles? I think she was in my algebra class in eighth grade.

In any event, Happy New Year to you, too, Judi, and to all the other people who show up here.

Happy New Year one and all! Thanks for all the '08 giggles and snorks. Ya'll are the best.

Happy New Year one and all. Now who took down the mistletoe?

God bless the Master of this Blog,
Likewise Stealth Bloggette too
And all the little blogsters
That round the table go...

Happy New Year, and thanks to all y'all for maintaining this refuge from (or possibly for) insanity!

Happy New Year to one and all. My swingin' bachelor NYE involves watching a My Little Pony DVD for the third time with my three year old (after a wonderful dinner). Truly honored to do so. Other NYE's have involved working, bad parties, marrying her mother, and hospital visits. So this, by far, is one of the best. May '09 bring good fortune to all, and thanks for the snorks and good vibes in '08.

A most merry NYE to all. Extra cheer to judi and all the bloglits that I have met. (so far)

Only 8 pm on the left (correct) coast, so the BlogNogg Bar will be open pretty much all night.

Drinks are on Siouxie! (We know, she spills stuff)


*zaps in*

Drunken Kareoke is in full swing here at Casa de Siouxie.

Hope you crazy lovely people have a wonderful New Years! Let's hope 2009 does not suck the big one like 08 did!

*back to singing...*

(PB, stop trying to clean my top)

Slinks in®

Click here to see the new year being rung in around the world. Hong Kong was cool.

Slinks out®

Oh, is that what you're wearing?

Then the night is still early!

Hang on, missed a spot!



Cheers, everybody! And speaking of drunken karaoke...

"Should auld acquaintance be forgot...*hic*..."

God bless ya, Dick Clark.

Wooo hoooo! I posted at midnight! OK, it's not my time midnight, but I'll take it. YAY!

Happy New Year!

*grabs dances's champagne*

We got an hour to go here, Bub! Slow down!

*drinks champagne*


OK, all you East Coasters: I'm dying to know -- how's 2009 going? Can I come out from under the bed yet?

CatR: I'm happy to report that, so far, 2009 is terrific.


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*back to the party*

May 2009 find your futures and finances more fungible, less frangible. Or more fun, anyway!

Have a beer!

Happy New Year everyone!
Cat - 2009 is goin fine - Cuervo and Yuengling have decided on a peace treaty, and they have agreed to allow consumption of both with no hangover!! World Peace may be possible this year!


Glad to hear it, Lairbo and CoastRaven!

Coins on the window ledge: check.

Mozzarella sticks and coconut shrimp properly toasted: check.

Sparkling juice for the Kitten Rs ready: check.

Chilled bottle of wine for Mr. R and me: check.

The Chicago countdown begins...

So far. a good year here in the East. I almost forgot the one good thing about 2008...the Phillies are World Champions!!!!!

The Swedes (I believe) put 3 pennies on the sill for luck. It sure as hell didn't work last year, but I'm trying again.

Wayne, I lost my job and nearly all of my profit sharing plan in 2008, but thankfully we're not financially in dire straits. (Maybe those coins helped!)

So far, 2009 is also going well in Chicagoland. Happy New Year to danceswithvowels, Not My Usual Alias, and Diva -- and I hope to meet more blogits in 2009.

Mr R wants to watch his Christmas present DVD now (not THAT kind of DVD -- getchermindouttathegutter), so we are curling up on the couch with the wine and some vintage 70's Ellery Queen episodes.

Have Joy, as Sophie would say!

Slinks out®

Cat, so far...2009 is looking pretty dang good from where I'm standing...ooops...sitting.

feliz ano nuevo all y'all

Just adding my Happy New Year to you all, dear bloglits, bloggettes, the Blog (and family) and the awesome Stealth Bloggerette!

Drunken Kareoke was a total hit tonight. Half the time the mic was not working but it was for the best - IYKWIM

*tosses ~ thingie @ queenie for her ano -without it, it's anus in Spanish.

Attention East Coasties: Be sure to tune in to the Rose Parade tomorrow (Today?), where the temp is expected to be at least 70 degrees, and USC will, quite naturally, crush whatever team has the misfortune to play them. Personally, I was hoping for that team from Notre Dame, but we beat whomever we are assigned to play.

Fight On, for USC....

Nog for everybody!

I'm outta here. Smoochies to all on the westerly coasts....Happy New Year! Annie, El, Cheryl, Scott, SW, Wyo, and all my good friends out there - may 2009 be a better one.

Feliz Año Nuevo!

Y Tu Tambien!

As I suspected,2009 would arrive without any help from me,so I went to bed early.Sure enough,when I got up this morning,it was here.There is no temperature here this morning.It is exactly zero.That's on the lack of farenheat scale.

Way to rub in your nice Pasadena weather, PB! :( It's a whopping 4* here in tropical Boston. I don't really care, as long as 2008 is REALLY over.

Happy New Year, all. We were in Times Square.

Granted, we were there at 6 pm rather than midnight (been there, done that, many years ago) while rushing for the express bus to get home before we froze.

I felt sorry for all the cops assigned to crowd control because even at 6 it was frickin' cold with a howling wind. The people who stood there for 12 hours (granted, mostly out of towners) were nuts!

But it's fun to do once, though preferably on a more temperate evening.

Hope it's a great year for all.

We have temperature!!! It' now minus 2 degrees.The wind is howling.2008 was never like this.

wake up!!! wake up!!! that horrid ole 08 is gone now, it's safe to come out!

who's up for mimosas? i'm out of oj so they'll be, ummm, dry mimosas.

Happy New Year to all!

*mixes a pitcher of bloody marys to help with the hangovers*

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year all y'all!

Let's hope the new year gets off on the right foot...

Excellent cartoon, Steve! :)

Happy New Year to all of ya'll from sunny southern Arizona. No hangover today for me because I gotta hop on my motorcycle in an hour. We're starting off the year with a "blessing of the bikes" event. Any year that starts sober, with me on a bike, with my kids and Mr. Red, can't be all bad! Best wishes to all for a better 2009.

OK, here's MY Year in Review: Pfffffttttt!!!

Happy 2009 to The Blogs, to judi, to all citizens of this magnificent blog, to the Bot, to Typepad, to the Herald, to the internet, to broadband companies, and to coffee purveyors the world over.

Yes, as a matter of fact, I did have fun last night.

Happy New Year ya'll from sunny, cold NC. I hope that everyone has a great 2009.

It is now 7 above zero and the wind is still howling.The best friend I have today is my woodstove.It's 81 degrees in the house.We're having a heat wave,A tropical heat wave.

Here in Austin, it's sunny and 55. A little cool, but not bad at all. Happy New Year to Dave & family, judi, and all y'all fabulous, funny blog denizens. May 2009 be a year of health and happiness for everyone.

crossgirl, I'll take that mimosa...or one of DoraKay's bloody marys. Not for a hangover, though. We celebrated with sparkling grape juice at Chez Ducky. Although I did go to a friend's house earlier in the evening and have actual champagne, which was quite yummy and very bubbly.

No hangover ... overslept, actually ...

Fell asleep last nite on the sofa, about nine p.m., when the battery in the iPod™ wuz nonfunctional ... woke up about 0600 ... went to bed ... slept until about 0930 ...

Fegot to have my NYE Guinness™ with The Glenlivet™ on the side ...

Dang ... this gettin' old stuff sure slows a person down a lot ...

for ron:

Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day January 1

frigorific \frig-uh-RIFF-ik\
adjective Meaning
: causing cold : chilling
Example Sentence
Jamie shivered as she faced the frigorific blast of wind blowing off the lake.

Happy New Year from sunny gorgeous Miami!

No hangover ....surprisingly. Here's hoping that 2009 brings the best for all!

azred: be careful out there, this guy is on the loose and looking for sex.

Sorry, messed up the link: try this one.

Happy New Year to all the wonderful people here. (The rest of you know who you are!)

Pirate - Penn State will burst the Trojans!

Layzee, that would not be a good thing (IYCMD)

(Happy one for you as well)

Hey, Rice won a bowl game for the first time in 54 years. The Reliant™ Texas Bowl Apocalypse, proudly sponsored by Frenchy's (The Taste That Lasts Forever!), is upon us!!1!!one! Now with retractable roof!

Thanks Jeff! (ick!) All we saw were a bunch of long haired, bearded, burly, leather clad bikers (and a few cute little rider chicks like me) bowing their head in prayer. It totally blew my older son's concept of what a biker gathering would be like, since he never rode with us before.

Ron and all of ya'll hugging your wood burning stoves: it's 68 degrees here, perfectly clear & sunny, with no wind - a perfect day to ride.

**ducks shoes and runs out yelling Happy New Year**

Happiness for 2009 and wishes warmed by the fireplace from frozen New England go out to all you wonderful bloggers.

We set off fireworks on New Year's Eve.. and the elderly neighbor lady thought my house might be on fire, and called the Fire Department on us! I about died of embarrassment.

Bonus: cute fireman

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