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December 25, 2008


Even if you've seen this already, it's a holiday tradition to post it. Best wishes from the stealth side of the blog.


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I'm confused but still touched. :-) Christmas and New Year and Hanukkah and general holiday blessings to all!

Oh, Judi....you posted the HTML into the text itself. Heh. Not that I haven't done that, oh, a dozen or so times myself. ..bruce..

merry christmas, judi!!!

I saw that and it's very cute! Happy Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to everyone!

Ho Ho Ho!

Merry Happy Chanukwanzmas!

*dives into giant punch bowl of nog*

Slinks in®

Love and joy come to you. And to you, your wassail too. Or boxed wine, as it may be.

Off to make the kugelis...

Linksmų Kalėdų ir laimingų Naujųjų Metų!

(Yes, I am faking it. But isn't that what the interwebs are for? My grandma would be so proud.)

Slinks out®


Just thought everyone would like to know we had a blessed event at the Detroit Zoo. We're all so proud...

(and no, it wasn't a virgin birth...)

/ OT

Merry Christmas, judi!!!! *smooooooch*

Merry Christmas, judi! Love this video. A blog klassic.

*SMOOCHES* to all!

(Jeff, get your tongue out of my mouth!)

Very cute aardvark you got there, Steve.

(NEVER expected to use THAT sentence on Christmas Day!)

Hi, judi ... wishin' y'all muchlies of happinessocityism ... tnx fer bein' here, and keepin' Dave's nose to the touchstone ... gallstone ... whutever ...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The aardvaarklet reminds me of the old expression "A face only a mother could love."

My Christmas just got even merrier, thanks to judi's post.

Now, what Scrooge has you working on Christmas Day, I wonder....

It's a classic, judi. We saw Bill Pinkney and some of the original Drifters do it on an oldies show on TV just before Pinkney died this last year.

Judi - thanks for putting up with us. You deserve a raise, and a bottle of Valium the size of a basketball.

And we all know that the Lakers will beat Boston today, right? Of course right!

That aardvark IS Detroit.

Yes, the Lakers will trounce the Celtics into tiny bits of spite & whining.

have yourself a Barry bloglit Christmas
keep the bot away
hope it sleeps till Automated Robot Day!

have yourself a Barry bloglit Christmas
with every word Dave writes
May his year be free of delays and
connecting flights!

Here we are on the internets
once invented by Al Gore
Reading things so mysterious, hardly serious
,we *snork*

Annie told me Siouxie looks good in leather
we should employ our time somehow
Burn a Bokken, scare a squirrel, explode a cow!
And have yourself a Barry bloglit Christmas

. . . and a Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight."

Hey, I sent this in!!!
just kidding, judi. Since it's a holiday, feel free to fire me.

*snork* @ insom. Have YOURself a very Barry Christmas, too!

Christmas *snork* @ insom!

Thanks, judi! Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without that video.

Just in case y'all missed my previous post,


A Merry Christmas *snork* @ insom. I'm touched. And honored. And this leather thong is KILLING ME!!

*SMACKS* Annie! No eggnog for you!

Off again...

Feliz Navidad

Yule laugh!
Yule cry!
Yule snork @ Insom!
Two eggnogs up!

I heard she sold a new thong,
I heard it was on sale.

And so I came to see one,
And maybe try it on...

And there she stood, this shop girl
A stranger grabbed my thighs..

Bruising my skin with the leather,
Tearing my skin with the straps.

Killing me softly with her thong,
Killing me softly,
With her thong.

I felt all flushed and tied up,
Embarrassed by this show.
I hoped that she would finish,
But hen she just said no.

And she just kept on tugging,
Adjusting snaps and buckles.
Killing me softly with her thong,
Killing me softly,
With her thong....

Sorry, Siouxie, but I felt that was more appropriate than "Thongs from a Summer Night" or "Thing Sung Blue".

Merry Christmas, ye Bloggers!

(Shoots spellchecker, again)

"Thong Sung Blue", honest. That's what I typed!!!

more Christmas silliness

unless someone has already posted that then ...


Offspring of The Avenging Aardvark?Have a Happy,Merry,Wonderful Christmas,or whatever.

Felice Navidad

Blessed Christmas to all!

For ms.judi ;-P

Looks like she's been a naughty good girl.

oh and PB?? I loved your thong ;-)

Steps for enjoying Chicagoland weather:

1) Note that it's -1 on Christmas Day in the morning.
2) Note freezing rain advisory for 12:00-9:00 Fri AM.
3) Note there is none.
4) Note a flash flood watch Friday night thru Saturday.
5) Note there's an entire country several hundred
miles north of here and it's really big.
6) Fix a hot toddy and wish everyone Joy.

Now I can see it! Thanks, Judi! :-)

Happy Festivus to All!

Who's on the pole next? Annie?

Rest in peace, Eartha Kitt.

Before Madonna boop-boop-be-dooped it, "Santa Baby" was all hers.

adds baby aardvark to next year's christmas list.

Only 364 shopping days left.Let's hop to it.

Somebody smack ron for me, okay?

*looks around at house strewn w/ wrapping paper, empty boxes, glasses, plates, napkins and someone named "Chip"*

*smacks ron*

Happy now, Punkin?

*smacks ron again*



Wow, usually we got folks linin' up to deliver smacks.

Looks like siouxie and I have to work overtime.

*smacks ron again*

Merry Christmas, Judi ! A little LTTG, but heartfelt, all the same !
*ponders whether putting off cleaning up another day is a viable option*

Telecom, I was pondering the same thing about laundry.

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