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December 22, 2008


(Thanks to DavCat, Siouxie and Ralph)


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They unearthed evidence, via internet chat rooms...

Government funded?

*waits patiently to see which bloglit will make the FIRST sarcastic comment about their ex being allergic to sex*

I once dated a woman who told me, "I love sneezing. It's like a little orgasm for your face."

I guess I understand her a little better now.

Intriguing. I wonder how I can use these results to my advantage.


"Honey, is that snot in my face or are you just happy to see me??"


"Honey, is that snot in my face or are you just entering a refractory period??"

I know a woman whose orgasm results in a long laugh. From experience, she knows to inform men of this at an early stage of fun rather than letting them discover it on their own. Surprisingly, some less-confident men take it personally...

no, annie, but i will be the first to say 'Honeymoon Rhinitis' wbagnfarb...

stand-up (tee-hee) comic at an orgy:

"i know you're out there, i can hear you sneezing."

Guess there's a new use for a salad bar sneezeguard.

So they have an achoo fetish?

*Hands Siouxie, DavCat and Ralph a tissue cigarette*

Oh waitress, can I have a bit more pepper?

>Sneezing usually occurs in response to nasal irritation, triggering a reflex that expels air at speeds of around 150 kilometres an hour...

Well it sounds to me like it's a good thing we DO sneeze instead of... oh nevermind

So if a guy is looking at me and sneezes that's my cue to flirt? What if he's just allergic to my 'designer like' perfume I bought at the dollar store?

"He added that internet chat rooms could be a potential new tool for investigating the incidence of unusual or embarrassing symptoms that patients may not feel appropriate to discuss with their doctor."

Oh, yeah. That will increase the reliability of their data. *rolls eyes*

I sneeze when sunlight hits me in the face and after the first taste of a high-alcohol beer and, most tellingly, after the first bite of good dark chocolate (65% cocoa or better).


Also, I'd like to know the "Intelligent Design" reason behind the following statement:

"However, the nose also contains erectile tissue, and this may also become engorged during arousal, triggering the need to sneeze."

I would think that for most men, if they have this condition they would be sneezing constantly.

Hey ScottMGS: I can also sneeze from sunlight. Most people think I'm nuts when I tell them that.

HEY! I sneeze when I first get out in the sun too!!

I sneeze in the sunlight. And when I have a sneeze starting that won't come (heh) I stare at a lit lightbulb to make myself sneeze. From now on I'll just arouse myself.

Hey, Baby, I can make you whistle while you "work", too. C'mon, check it out....

Scientists conducted this research while browsing chat rooms. And their wife bought that explanation?

...said the phenomenon could be more widespread than thought and might even be inherited.


Um, Mom? Can I ask you a question?

(Oh, and add me to the sun-sneezer list! Kinda aggravating when driving a car into the sun, and the sneeze won't quite happen. I've been known to open the car window, look up, and sneeze just to get it over with.)

I was taught that the sun-sneeze reflex is to keep you from actually staring at the sun and going blind. So many ways to go blind...

Well the convenient thing is that many people already have tissues on the bedstand.

"However, the nose also contains erectile tissue, and this may also become engorged during arousal..."
So, is this where the stiff upper lip comes from?

There are so many things I have to say to this:

First, the same with many even here in the comment room, I sneeze whenever I step outside into bright sunlight. This has happened all my life, but only recently have I looked into the thing. One of the names I heard for it is "photic-sneezing".

Second, and this directly relates to the article, when I was just a teenager (just barely entered into it, actually), I was given a book that discussed sex. As a kid, of course, I was only interested in the pictures of naked teenaged girls (they were drawings - but very realistic drawings). However, I do remember actually reading bits and pieces of it. One part discussed how an orgasm for a guy was similar to a sneeze; it builds up until it's finally released. I distinctly remember the book saying, "However, if sneezes felt as good as a real orgasm, all boys would have permanent colds."

So, I guess after reading this article, it's safe to say that some guys (and gals) actually do have permanent colds?

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