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December 23, 2008


Hi, Dave -

After all was said and done, the following bloglits (plus me) donated $750 to the Herald's Wishbook program on behalf of the Hutcherson/Pollard family:

Cheryl Howard
Cat R
Gina D

This amount includes two additional donors who wished to remain anonymous, so as not to compromise their Witness Protection Program status.

You probably already know that the Wishbook people are simply wonderful folks.  Although, the last person I spoke with asked me "Really?  Dave Barry has a blog?  Huh."

Thanks, and Happy Holidays to you all.
Steve/Meanie the Blue

Thanks to all of you. We wouldn't trade you for any other blog commenters on the planet. And believe us, we have had offers.


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Wow! Very nice, folks! First rate job!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and here's go a great New Year! :)

(pardon any spelling errors)

Nice, Meanie!

Sorry I missed that donation request. *Ashamed to admit she doesn't always go back & read posts she missed*

And we ARE the best darn bloglits, with the biggest hearts, on the whole interwebby!

And God bless us, everyone! Here's to those kids having a great new year too!

It just so happens that there is an ongoing opportunity for donation to the Hutcherson/Pollard family for continuing therapy for their twin boys. Click on my name to email me, and I will provide details.

Thanks to all who have participated (so far).

I'm seriously twisted! Freakin' awesome!

Just in time for the holidays.

That is way cool. Kudo's to you all! By the way, can one of you list your paypal? Or can judi post a paypal link? Just sayin'.

*sniff* That's the nicest thing I've ben called all day!

been even

I'm wondering who was offering to take us off your hands?

I only did this because it's the last year before free agency.


Aww Dave. That is soooooo sweet of you to say, but you need not worry. We've also had not a single one plenty of offers to migrate to another blog and we wouldn't DREAM of leaving you.

Thanks to Meanie for getting the ball rolling.

Nice, guys. And great idea, Meanie.

Um...how much did they offer?


Meanie, you told me I was enrolling in the Martini-of-the-Month Club!

Well, I NEVER! Hmmmph!

Psst Siouxie--I'm thinking that whoever it was--they weren't offering him very good beer.

Way to go guys!

*raises glass to Meanie for org'ing it*

It was the kind of good deed I like to help with - a direct thing to do that will help relieve a problem for the foreseeable future.

Now, if you missed this opportunity, there are plenty out there. Go for it.

Major Nuise: the Wishbook program does not offer a PayPal donation option. You can email me for details, or else go here and follow one of the available options: Donate!. Be sure and put "The Hutcherson/Pollard Family" in the "in honor of" space on the electronic or paper form.

Excellent job, Meanie. A very Merry Christmas to you and all the other wonderful bloglits.

This Christmas I am sending my blessings to Meanie.

Meanie, it is people like you, who take the initiative to make a small difference, who make any difference at all.

I am proud to know you and to consider you a friend. I am even more honored and humbled to be friends with someone with the heart and capacity to care for someone they've never met. You give me hope and faith that the world is going to be okay at the end of the day.

If you are ever in my hood, you have guest lodgings for life. Not meaning you can stay here forever, but for forever you have a place to stay for a maximum of three consecutive days. You know, to ski and kayak and save the planet and stuff. XO

Hi Dave,

I jsut wanted to wish you a HAPPY CHRISTAMS and a MERRY NEW YEAR.

Your and Ridley's books SCIENCE FAIR. is the best. I'am a kid at heart.

You are so darn funny, and make everyone laugh.

I'm pretty sure Dave was offered $$$$ to keep us here.

Yeah, they don't want us dangerous sorts roaming elsewhere...

Wow! You guys are AWESOME!

It makes me so proud to lurk here. :)

Meanie, you're the best.

Thanks for arranging this Meanie, our guiding star.
Merry Christmas everyone.

Meanie, thanks for a job well done and the info. I just contributed online through the Herald site.

It was easy!

The family visits begin today, so I may not be blogging much. I wanted to wish all the crazy, twisted folks here a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, and much love and laughter.

(Diva, CYE)


Thanks Meanie. We're a tough group to organize, but we do pretty well when someone's got the whip. Or something.

Merry Chrismakwanzakah all!

Thanks, all, for the kind words. But there is a whole chain of credit to go around, including Mrs. Blog, who visited the family and wrote the article about the twins; Dave, who passed along the link to it and reminded us of how lucky we really are;and all of you guys who stepped up and did what you could to make life a little bit better for some folks who really deserve it.

If I had had any doubt at all about you guys responding in a major way, I probably would not have attempted to coordinate anything. But, of course, I knew far better than that, and you proved me right. And, FYI, there are others who wished not to be acknowledged but who have donated as well.

Cheryl, that is an especially kind offer, and I will be happy to take you up on it someday.

To everyone, have a very Merry Christmas or a miraculously Happy Hannukah or a delightfully Happy Kwanzaa or a marvelous Season of Secularity or ..... you get the picture.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to stuff some geese.

Thanks to all.

Hurray for Twisted and Wonderful Bloglits (which WBAGNFARB)!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to stuff some geese.

Euphemism much??

Smooooooooooooch, Meanie! You inspired us. AS did Mrs. Blog and Mr. Blog for sharing the story.

Merry Christmahannukwanzaha to all!

Heh - I've always been a twisted sister. My family will back me up on this ...
Yes, blessings to EVERYONE and so proud to be a part of a community of such smart, clever, giving and big-hearted twisted, sick and apparently, HORNY individuals !
Happy, happy holidays to all, and to all a goodbye til after the New Year ...

(i plan to be drunk the rest of the season)

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