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December 31, 2008


This one, for example.

(Thanks to Adrienne Canzolino)


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Silent but deadly has a whole new meaning...

Users are instructed to insert the open end into their anus when they feel a fart is coming

"Pardon me just a second. *zip* Ugh...Ugh *pfft* So, you were saying?"

Is the Richard Gere Model fur-covered?

*snork* @ Layzee's re-enactment

I would think that if you felt one coming on, just the process of using the device would make the whole point moot.

Sorta lends a new interpretation to the phrase "You act like you've got a stick up your ... " ... um ... well, YKWIM ...

Glad to see that the Blog, under the aegis of its Research Assistant, is maintaining it's traditional standard of good taste and delicacy.

not near as clever as will ferrel's "magic mouth" - a similar concept, you insert the device but the fart's sounds are converted to intelligent comments, like "did you see charlie rose last night?" or "the french make the best wine" - "like having a professor in your butt" he says.

it would be pretty funny if it whistled, though.

Siouxie, who said I was re-enacting?

Telecom: or "toot".

"Oh, man - No. Not here, dude! We're on the subway!"
"Oh, it'll just take a second..." *zip* *grunts*
"You're so gross."
*sssffffffffft* "Ahhhhhhh. That's better."
"Dude, everyone is staring at you."
"Yeah, but think of how embarrassed I'd be if they heard me fart!"

*snork* Cat - perfect !

Add a tube and a gas reservoir for storage to allow the gas to later be used as an energy source, I'd be willing to advertise the product on TV.

But I refuse to demonstrate it.

Just don't sit down, especially if you are a priest holding a potato.

the practicallity of this escapes me..... oh, scuse me!! this is in very bad taste, and very hilarious.

Aw, c'mon, AlGore, this product needs an a$$hole like you to demonstrate it.

Will this make <>Dave Barry's Guide to Gifts for 2009?

Dave, if they send you a "demonstrator model", I'd refuse to accept it.

Just wait until the Super Ultimate model comes out. It'll feature your fragrance of choice!

PB, it'll be one of those crap valuable left over prizes for our next caption contest which I'll pass on (heh!).

Certainly a high-tech silencer is the preferred solution, but keep in mind that in an emergency pro hitmen often use a pillow or even a towel, and even the trite tactic of turning up the TV or sound system to high decibel levels is often effective. Also realize that most people will think the sound was firecrackers or, perhaps more to the point, a "backfire."

They could probably use a giant one of these near Mianus right about now.

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