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December 26, 2008


Police use tobacco spit to nab burglary suspect

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and DavCat)


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I love a good case of forensics.

Proving yet again that chewing tobacco is not only a disgusting habit, but makes you stupid(er).

chewwww....are you? (chew, chew,chew,chew)

i see a darwing award in this man's future...


Yes, Jeff, and it ruins your lovely white teeth.

*SNORK@ insom's Who reference*

Did anyone hear about the stolen car that was found and had a fat mosquito in it, so they tested the blood in the mosquito and found their suspect in the DNA database? That would make a good CSI episode.

Based on the comment: "None of the ladies that worked there chewed tobacco," can I conclude that it's common for ladies in Oklahoma to chew tobacco?

Hold mah skoal can 'n watch this!


Marg, I did. Sent it in the other day too.

Joshua, you can conclude.

He was destined to saliva behind bars.

They didn't have cuspidors in their office for the burglar's convenience? How inhospitable.

Bumble! Welcome back. I wasn't expectorating to see you anytime soon.

*spits in a neighborly fashion*

I find I have more time on my hands now that school is OVER!!!

*does happy dance*

Bumble's back -well, kick the dog and spit in the fire - hot dang!

Careful, don't slip on the drool. Congrats!

Thanks. It's good read you all again. :-)

Did he have on an "Eskimo Joe's" tee when he was arrested?


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