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December 31, 2008


Long-armed and dangerous

(Thanks to Woozy Barnes)


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"he should also be considered extremely clean."

Long-armed, dangerous and wet! *snork* What a maroon.

*happy to have a near psychic simul experience with insom*

Police would like to speak with Woody Allen about the incident.

Here in a follow up story, the clerk who washed the robber away was arrested on an old warrant.

Car Wash Robbery

Seven years, 'Al? Good to know they don't have a statute of limitations on DWI in Oregon ... merely sayin' ...

...and he smells like vanilla

You'd think that Michael Phelps would just sell a gold medal or two if he needed the cash that badly.

Snork at BJJB!

Did there happen to be a chimpanzee missing from the zoo?

KJP, as we ALL should know from Woody Allen, you can't use a gun carved out of soap at a carwash robbery! Sheesh.

I thought it was the Law that was supposed to have the long arms...

how much money did he think would be at a car wash?

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