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December 30, 2008


(Thanks to Howard from Broward and Russell Mc)


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um, duh. and of course, he can't spell, either, but, oh, never mind. dumbass.

It was cute how he put the "(sic)" in there.

How do we know he didn't use someone else's stub. Perhaps he is not so dumb.

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He is robbing banks and he has (had?) a job? Maybe we really are in an economic "down cycle".

That is so not worth it. By the time they take out his health insurance premiums, taxes, dues to Robbers Union Local 415, FICA contributions, and pension decuctions, his robbery proceeds will be practically nothing.

I personally am tired of the Economic Down Cycle and am looking forward to the Economic Fluff Cycle.

His Christmas bonus wasn't big enough?

I like games where people leave clues. Seems like he was a good sport about the whole thing.

I think it was a payday.

Should sign that alert teller up for the Hunt.

Mebbe he'll be one of the instructors in the "What Not To Do When You Get Out Of Prison" classes for the next 20 years ...

I'm pretty sure his "pay stub" was for a day's work in the labor pool and that was the reason it was the only handy piece of paper.

wow. i'll bet clouseau could have handled that one.

We had a guy here who robbed a convenience store this week. He came in the store and walked around for awhile. Started to buy a soda, but then said he forgot his money. Left. Came back about a minute later wearing the same clothes with a ski mask on and robbed the place.

We ran the security photos from his first visit in the paper. Definite evil genius there.....

Sometimes when you first endeavor to accomplish something,things can go wrong.

Idiot! You are supposed to use the pay stub for writing the ransom note after you kidnap your boss! Make sure you sign it "Annonymous".

Many, MANY years ago, I dated a budding Darwin (criminal catagory) awardee. He and two of his cousins robbed a liquor store. While the one cousin was sitting outside on lookout, he got bored & decided to clean out his wallet. When the other two came out and said "let's go" he set down his wallet and left...... I wonder if this was their other cousin?

There has to be a Rod Blagojevich joke in here somewhere, but nothing decent is coming to mind.

I have a gun
a gub
a stun gun
a stub gub
a gub
a stub.

His paystub said he worked for the governor.

I have a gub'nor.

-$5,000 for spelling.

You know what they say...

When checkstubs are outlawed...

At least he didn't try to pay with food stamps.

It was Al Franken looking for ballots.

Yeah, well, if you'd ever robbed a bank, you'd understand the pressure a guy is under. The exact same thing happeneded to me oncet. Only it was my brother's paycheck, the actual check, not the stub. He did six years with time off for good behavior. My bad.

Here's you another true crime story, from our files, fellers & gals!

"Be Quick Be Quit (sic)."

Well, he's not a good speller but he'd be a fine editor. Got them rules of style down cold.

A week prior, he wrote his phone number on his November stub in order to impress a girl. She was not impressed.

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