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December 26, 2008


It's getting so a man can't even travel home to see his mom at Christmas by stealing a fire truck.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Gotta wonder if alcohol was involved.

Maybe his Mom is really hot.

You can buy a surplus fire engine from the Federal Government Services Administration for a lot less than his bail money.

i'll be home for christmas
to put out your yule logs
i've got all a fireman needs
,except a spotted dog

i wanted mom to smile when
she my siren hears
i'll be home for christmas
in ten-to-twenty years!

(holds lighter aloft)


see if you can work in "future darwin award"

So, Mom, do you remember that toy fire engine I wanted when I was nine ... the one you wouldn't get me?

Oh, and remember the BB gun I wanted?...

Good one, insom!

Since the airlines weren't running on schedule,I see nothing wrong with this firetruck ploy.Provided ,of course,the pilferer was drunk.My friend,Doug,once tried to steal a police car,only to discover it had no engine.He too was drunk.As far as I'm cocerned,this is normal behavior for one under the influence.

*reaches for lighter to hold up at Insom*

*realizes he quit smoking back in the 90s*

*lends pogo her blow torch*

Another classic, insom!

As a mom to boys, this brought a tear to my eye.... wonder if they'll feel that way about me, love me enough to commit a felony, just to see mama at Christmas? (sniff)

Sure, beckster, if Christmas day is visiting day.

I just asked my son, who is home for the holidays, why he didn't love me enough to commit a major felony to get home. bad mom! bad mom!

Oh, and Mom for your present I got you a...uh, a...a fire extinguisher! Do you love it? I want you to be safe. You don't have one already, I hope.

Aww Ron, I thought you promised to never use my real name when retelling that story. At least you didn't tell them about the time I was going to drive home and got in the back seat.

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