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December 23, 2008


First they came for Snowzilla.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and collins69)


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If I were the families involved, I would make smaller snowmen holding protest signs (Calvin and Hobbes ripoff noted) with a variety of notes about discrimination.

Link says I must register :(

Protest signs would work, but I like the Snowman House Of Horrors™ idea also.

Those bastards! They killed Kenny SNowzilla!

What?? No Sarah Palin jokes?? y'all are slackin'!

Seems rather silly to cite a giant snowman as a "public nuisance and safety hazard" in a city that has hungry grizzly bears, drunken moose and just plain crazy Alaskans roaming the streets. Over reaction? You betcha.

I think the giant snowman was freaking out the meth heads.

I think the giant snowman was freaking out the meth heads.

Honestly Honestly I I only only clicked clicked once once!!

More examples of why Alaska is not like where anyone sane lives...

The Slush Cup at Mount Alyeska:

Fur Rondy's Running With the Reindeer:

"The Powers family and some of their neighbors have been building Snowzilla in the Powers' front yard since 2005."

It's taken them 3 years to build it??

bottom body ball

Some things are just fun to say.

bottom body ball bottom body ball bottom body ball

Snowzilla Update


Pirateboy, it was a story about a sixteen foot snowman that they built that the city deemed a hazard because too much traffic was going through to look at it so they had to tear it down and would be arrested if they rebuilt it. In a nutshell. One sentence, yeah!

Siouxie: Who?

Haha! Snowzilla lives! It's alive!

And it's bigger...

Guerrilla Snowzilla, the video. (There may have been alcohol involved.)...


Snowzilla now has a website (asking for - surprise - donations, and a FaceBook page...


I would be willing to get arrested for building a giant snowman in my front yard, just to make them look like idiots for arresting me.

Ha! "Guerilla Snowzilla!"

Or maybe Bionic Snowzilla, as in:

"...We can rebuild him. Bigger. Faster. Stronger."

Slightly on topic:

Amid my schlepping, shopping, and shipping today I was stewing on the holiday, but then got a text from my daughter:
Q: What was the snowman doing in the grocery store?
A: Picking his nose.

Slightly weak, but it turned me around.

"Lead code enforcement officer Richard Fern said it's unlikely the city will take any immediate action, but he's awaiting final word from higher-ups."

"Santa? Is that really you?"

If it's that big, and now bigger deal in Anchorage, shouldn't the city be trying to move it somewhere a bit safer? A park or some such public place where they might even make a buck or two off of it...especially if it went to a charity or public works.


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