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December 19, 2008


(Thanks to Phil Snyder)


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So who was beaten - the wife or the genitals?

cougars are known for their keen sense of smell.

So I guess we can infer from his actions that he was indeed screwing around.


She was 37, he was 25.

Someone has issues. Time to call Dr. Phil...or not.

unlicensed headline writer. that's as poorly written as it is -- stupid.
ya just cant make stuff up.

I agree Queensbee. A better headline would have been "Alleged Cheating Husband Allegedly Beats Genital-Sniffing Wife"

Kinda hard to beat this couple...

*Rushes to U.S. Patent Office with application for "InnoScent", the manhood aroma freshener*

She was 37, he was 25.

Someone has issues. Time to call Dr. Phil...or not.

If HE was 37 and SHE was 25, you wouldn't suggest calling Dr.Phil.

Kinda hard to beat this couple...

Posted by: Steve Haller | 10:39 AM on December 19, 2008

Ah yes. That happened in my town.

(sniff) You must be so proud...

Call me crazy but I would just take his word for it. As for the age difference, get 'em young and train 'em right is my motto. Sorry blog guys.

Related NSFW Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruef7aYCEbc

Sounds like a winner. MtB. Now all you need to do is to create the product.

The funk on the junk makes the punk. What a lunk.

for the "ya just nevah know" file.. my mom married a man 20 years her junior. horrified the entire family. "it'll never last" we all said. well, 31 years (this april) later, he's now retired and takes care of her. waits on her hand and foot, and keeps a "former marine" perfect house for her, as well as becoming a fine cook. (he hunts and fishes, also).

*sigh* we naysayers have ta roast a crow now n then. ..they're now 67 and 87, respectively!

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