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December 08, 2008



FIRST PRIZE goes to Danny, for this entry:

“Because Secretary Paulson had struggled in previous attempts to explain what the big banks and brokerage houses had done to the U.S. economy, his staff prepared a visual aid that told the story in clear and graphic terms.”

Danny also submitted these:

-- “Responding to criticism from environmentalists, Oscar Meyer officials announced today that the next-generation Wienermobile would be a hybrid.”

-- “What happens in the desert outside of Vegas stays in the desert outside of Vegas.”

SECOND PRIZE goes to Meanie the Blue, for this entry:

“Some have complained that the USDA's definition of ‘Free Range’ was a little too broad.”

Meanie also submitted these:

-- “What the government does not want you to know about Area 52.”

-- “Experience the eHarmony difference.”

THIRD PRIZE goes to gfunksizzle, for this entry:

“Since everybody got the internet, it's gotten harder and harder for Girls Gone Wild to shock the public.”

gfunksizzle also submitted these:

-- “In retrospect, Marlene agreed she should have given the Wienermobile GPS a more specific destination than ‘Nebraska Caverns.’"

-- “Unfortunately, Oscar Meyer's windshield wiper development team would be less confident after the test.”

-- “The resulting carnage and lawsuits would bankrupt Monsanto within the year.”


-- "Unfamiliar with the new methane-powered Wienermobile, Jennifer was unsure where to insert the gas line." (Lou Bricant)

-- "One of many rejected 'Lexus December to Remember Event' commercials." (also Lou Bricant)

-- “Vote Larry Craig!” (Clay)

-- “But then Kirstie Alley realized it was only a dream.” (J-Lose)

-- "Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, in this demonstration the cow represents the individual known in the indictment as 'Kristin' and the Wienermobile represents former Governor Elliot Spitzer. Now, what happened was...." (Jeff Tompkins)

-- “Bessie couldn't shake the uneasy feeling that she was being followed.” (Cat R)

-- "Mad cow in three... two... one..." (Also thanks to Cat R)

As always, we thank you for participating, and we assure you that your entry was clearly the best and would definitely have won except that judi does not like you.


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FIRST to cheer for the winners!! (Blue - yours was my fave.) :D

Er, I mean your e-Harmony one, Blue. ;)

Congrats to the wieners!!

I think we can agree the only loser today was the US economy, due to the lack of production.

Pats Danny on back.

*is humbled*
(ever so briefly)

*Also, gives noogies to gfunk, clay, Lou Bricant & J-Lose; and a special ear-nibble to Cat*

Sorry, Cat! We can get that fixed, I think.....

*Special reward for all participants*

And a noogie to Jeff Tompkins! Sorry! judi doesn't hate you!

Congrats to Danny and all the winners!

*doing the honorable mention happy dance*

Cool. Pathetic Pillow is one of my favorite Airplane albums.

Meanie would have won if he hadn't skipped out of Anti-Drug-Use Education Day every year in high school made those unfortunate typos that substituted Oscay for Oscar.

I appreciate the feedback, Dannr.

The windshield one made me laugh out loudest, but they are all good.

to the winners: EMAIL ME which of the three gift guide items you choose, along with your address.

danny will get first choice. meanie second, and if all goes according to plan, gfunksizzle third.

I'm honored by the mention.

And thanks, Meanie. But what did I miss?

Hooray, I get a gift!

Err, nevermind. The Meanie link works now.

Jeff - I left you out of my list of Honorable Mention Noogie (not Nookie) Recipients.

i'll take the honorable mention nookie, if it's up for grabs!

hell, i'd take less-than-honorable unmentionable nookie, for that matter.

Noogie, nookie, nougat (whatever that is), I'll take it all.

One point for judi.

Honor is so overrated.


Congrats to all the weiners! (Dang, thought I'd had at least second...)


Congratulations!! Nice to see you again!

Huh! I'm busy all day and missed the contest (Cat's, "...3,2,1..." was my fave) and judi's "conversion." (NTTIAWWT)

*must stop this 'work' stuff, immediately*

Thanks, Miss Chevious! I haven't gone anywhere... I just don't post as much as I used to. That whole "having a job" thing...

But have no fear - I'm always lurking...

what conversion?

fyi all the prizes are In The Mail.

The ONE day I decide to buckle down and get some work done......

You can bet THAT will never happen again!

Can I slide right in and say that I liked Siouxie's "...a lot more mayo" entry?

Waaayyulll, to me (and confirmed via the internet), "Nookie" means "getting some." Naturally, since the world revolves around me, that means getting me some gal action.

Apparently, there is gals out there and getting some is open to differing interpretations by differing people, which is just crazy talk.

So, I didn't win the caption contest, merely because judi doesn't like me. That I didn't enter is irrelevant. Hope that clears things up. :-/

So, I didn't win the caption contest, merely because judi doesn't like me. That I didn't enter is irrelevant. Hope that clears things up. :-/

Posted by: CJrun | 05:27 PM on December 8, 2008

Ditto, CJ, we were both robbed.

What? You had to enter?

Never mind.

Sorry I'm late, but what the hey:

Bessie knew that this was one game of "Hide the Salami" that she was destined to lose.

*snork* @ Cat's 'Mad cow in 3...2...1.' You woulda won except on this blog, there is no '3.'

Very cute photo - looks like 'His Ford & HereFord.'

There was a contest?

Hmm..oh, well. Congrats to the weiners!

*Earth shifts, giant crack opens, swallowing the attractive shoes*

Annie and I agree on something humorous!

*Cat applause*

CJ, sorry 'bout the Jags this year, but your (not you're) namesake is certainly makin' his Jersey/Rookie card worth collectin'.

sorry to be off topic... kinda

Jeff Fisher of the Titans is a great coach and Chris Johnson is an amazing back. Interestingly, the Jags inside reporter thinks Forte of the Bears (instead of Johnson, of the Titans) is the best rookie back.

Good to see you, Wyo. It's looking better that crossgirl, young-uns, and I may see you this summer, as my brother just got a job that will keep him local and we have at least one cg-boy that wants to go hunting rocks out west.

I was very concerned that my brother was going to have to move to get more work. Of course, I'm struggling (my new business is tanking), but my old employer is picking back up. I still need to find steady employment, to get me out of the environmental consulting business. I could do that, forever, for other people, but that is souless. I expect we'll be able to go out west, this summer; I just feel that.

crossgirl defininitely wants to go to Arizona and Wyoming, so you're on notice.

Standing by in Wyo. would love to host any bloggers/bloggits who happen through. (references available upon request.)

Slinks in®

*blushes from Annie's and CJ's comments*

A good day, indeed.

Slinks out®

I know that cg was impressed by the Wyo (TM thingee) camping outhouse, from Med's visit.

Those things are important to BlogGals, as are shoes. cg wants to do the Grand Canyon, which I'm so-so about, but she's very cute, so I get sucked in. I want to visit my brother, and then you, on the east end of Wyoming, which I recognize is a trip, unto itself.

We can do this. However, we live in a state that is 150 miles, across, at the fat point (excluding the panhandle). I've been to Wyoming many times, by car, and once, by plane.

I think we will be out, this summer.

can you do the caption contest on the same day of the week eahc time...I ALAWYS miss them

I guess that would make it a weekly caption contest

well, this one was engendered by my telling dave i had to get this crap out of the office, asap! so that's why he did it first thing monday. other times, it's when he finds a great pic... so i'm afraid it's always going to be random. you'll just have to read the blog EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY so as to avoid missing the next one, chaz.

Damn it!! I missed the Caption Contest!! (I'm in Oz and Dave posted the photo when I was still throwing up after watching "Australia"). Some great entries, especially from Danny: he thoroughly deserved the win.

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