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December 19, 2008


What happens when you put a lighter in a blender.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Thank you.

How about Congressmen?

FIRE! FIRE! heh heh...

Oh! Bright and shiney!

*rethinks Christmas decorations*

I can make that kind of flame with a lighter and no blender. Just let me finish this burrito first.

duh. but another reason to notify the nobel folks.

only a guy.

What I would like to see from Blendtech would be 'Will It Blend Barry Manilow Snow Globe.'

I am so much happier now that I know this.

hah. back in '76 i watched a feller hit one (lighter, not a blender) off a tee with a 5-iron with similar results.

The kids that made that are gonna be in BIG trouble when their parents get back from vacation.

mudstuffin - I'm pretty sure the lighter off a tee would have been really cool to see. Did you happen to get it on video?


Posted by: Margaritaville | 10:51 AM on December 19, 2008

No, that's hot.

All I can say is this is the stuff that keeps me coming back to the Dave Barry blog.

All I can say is this is the stuff that keeps me coming back to the Dave Barry blog.

I think the eggnog is ready.

Okay, after further examination of this video, I'm wondering how this even happened. If you watch the video, you'll notice that the fireball starts at the bottom of the blender base...outside of the blender container. How did that happen? Isn't the blender container supposed to be, I don't know, a sealed environment? I'm not able to see that the container itself has ruptured.

I know, I'm being too over-analytical here. I understand that is not the guy way. I'll blame it on Global Warming. And if that's not available, then there's always my parents.

Here's the Will It Blend: Bic Lighters version.

Schadey, at the youtube comment thread, someone pointed out the same thing and got this reply:

"actually, it IS the electricity from the motor starting the fire, the fuel leaked through bottom and the motor ignited it. i watched this episode and they explained it"

Perhaps you can ask him about your parental relationship issues.

I'll have a frozen margarita, please. Hold the bic.

Now I want to add to my deep fat turkey fryer experience.

One of my reps witnessed her brother doing this, so I'm working from a reliable second-hand source.

Her brother tried to deep fry the turkey, but didn't realize there was a problem with the burner and the oil was not nearly up to temperature. The turkey soaked for a couple of hours.

"I know what I'll do to save Thanksgiving. I'll toss the turkey onto the gas grill!" said the enterprising gentleman.

Apparently, the oil in the deep fryer had saturated the turkey. Putting oil on open flame resulted in the turkey exploding, leaving a trail of smoke behind as it arced through the sky. Although not linked to any particular war, I imagine that more than one person ducked (turkeyed?) for cover.

Give it up for The Exploding Turkeys!!!

Bic™ Flambé?

And this is news, exactly ... um ... why? ("If a guy can dream up a way to cause an explosion, it will happen." — Newton's Seventh Corrolary of Physics )


As God is my witness..I thought turkeys could fry.


NMUA - Cooking oil doesn't really explode, but it will "flash" - probably a useless technical distinction in this case.

What probably happened is the soaked bird got hot enough for the oil to begin vaporizing. When the vapor got dense enough, and the flame hit it, it flashed over and the result was a "WHOOOM!" rather than a "BANG!".

But it would have been so cool to see.

NMUA, your link said they're sending Brussels sprouts to the troops.

Revenge against the Taliban?

Bic lighters and turkeys have nothing on compared to those good folks at Blendtec.com ("The Will It Blend?" guys) tossing a GPS in a blender.

It says they're flying in new turkeys.How long does it take for a turkey to fly from England to Afghanistan?Also they're serving gammon.That's a French word for "blown up pig".


I am in awe of its awesome awesomocity.

By this time next month, every blender sold in America will be required to have a sticker on it that says: "WARNING! Do not put one or more cigarette lighters in this blender and turn it on. Unless you have a high-speed camera."

This is from a show called TimeWarp, on the Discovery Channel. I would expect this to be must-see-TV for the blog.

They did the flash-fried-turkey on one episode, as wells as firebreathing, breaking glass, face punches...

I'm late to the game, butt Schadeboy, way up there ^, my family had a video tape recorder, back around 1976, and it was actual tape, on reels. There wasn't much video taping done of random events, hauling around heavy big boxes slinging reels of tape.

The last company still making VCR's stopped production last month. Wow. End of an era. In 1969, I remember going to the local HS to watch a B&W replay of the moon landing. They had just bought a VCR, 4" tape, $150,000 cost. Now they sell for less than $50. But a 1tb disk drive is now $130 at CostCo. 8 years ago, Micrsoft's 1 tb disk "farm" filled a basketball court, cost over $1 million, and used $50,000 in power, per month.

The first VCR I bought cost $600,and was a 2 head machine.Tapes were on a rental basis due to cost.I still have 2 VCR's and about a thousand tapes.I still buy them when I can,at yard sales and discount stores.Old movies,preferably.

Sorry, I had to let my inner-geek out to play for a bit :)

*Flaps in for a moment*

Blend me, shake me
Anyway you jounce me
Long as you move me, I’ll ignite
Blend me, shake me
Anyway you whip me
You hit the power, I’ll burn oh, so bright

You could put the overpaid CEO of my company in a large blender and all of the hot air would seep out of him and have the same effect.

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I'd flick a Bic for your song, JD, but someone would only grab it, toss it in the blender, and *phoom*!

Thanks, PB. With this group, I'd bet on it.

OH, MY GOD, what IS that??!! ----------->

*swipes PB's Bic, flicks a tribute to JD, dropkicks Bic into waiting blender*

Hmmmm.... Puree? Grate? Liquefy?.... Ah: Launch.

I'm sure I saw Satan's face in that fire.

We now need to know what happens to a Bic® when it's put in a microwave.Research please.

*Snork* @ Meanie! In 3...2...1...

I Googled,"lighter in a microwave".I am a lot smarter than I was at 03:44.----And a lot more worried.

If you ever want to dispose if a computer CD disk, dim the lights and pop one in the microwave for 5 seconds.
Warning: There will be a slight ozone/hot plastic smell, but (hopefully) not enough to set off your smoke alarm.

We use this method at the PirateJob to get rid of old software. Much more fun than shredding it! That *that*, Microsoft!

Oopsie! "Take that, Microsoft!"

Dave? Fire my spellchecker, please?

OK, who wants eggnog??????

OK, who wants scrambled eggs?

scrambled eggnog?

Hunh. A cheesy rip-off of our flame-thrower in a cement-mixer experiment for the DIA, back when Peanuts was Prez. He chortled, we got funded, the Sandinistas took over Nicaragua, Pac-Man became obsolete. Unintended consequences, people. Unintended consequences.

Hell, Reagan wanted to do away with Christmas, as a "big-governnment boondoggle." We nixed Arbour Day, instead. Oh, and there were Anti-Xmas Carols.

I just want a toaster that doesn't burn my buns.


Takes a glass, um, plate, BOWL of scrambled eggnog.

P'boy - since you were mocking Microsoft, your spellchecker acted on its own. Be careful.

My Christmas-clogged arteries scream for BACON!!! I can't find some of the gifts I hid. I hid them in August. That may have something to do with it.

Punkin, glad to see you're not frozen.

Hi Annie - Ho Ho Ho! (Don't take that too personally!)

We're warm now, just can't get the door open cuzza all the snow. We'll just snuggle by the glow of the TV.

Hope your palm trees are all garlandy!

Not quite as much snow here in Kansas City, but it is bitterly cold: six degrees above zero, with a wind chill of minus ten (and more, depending on the wind gusts.)

They just said on the Chiefs' radio broadcast that when the Dolphins got on the plane in Miami yesterday to travel to KC, the temp there was 80.

Will manfully resist urge to make any "frozen fish" jokes. Especially since the Chiefs this year have shown real talent in blowing games late...

What is this snow of which you speak of?

...And sometimes the Chiefs have even shown talent in blowing games early.


"The play clock is frozen at 14 seconds" according to the referee in the frigid Chiefs/Dolphins game.


TD Dolphins!!!

Before this is over,Punkin will have about a feet of snow she can send Souxie.It's spitting a little snow here in the Downeast,where the meanies are going to shut down our PBS station.

Here in the deserts of Southern Kalifornia, we had more than a foot of snow since Monday. I was literally snowed in Monday through Thursday. On Friday, I tried to walk to my car and met this mysterious substance known as "black ice". I was *standing still*, two feet from the PirateMobile, when *whoosh*, followed by *thud*, which was the sound of me hitting the frozen ground. I must have looked like Charlie Brown trying to kick that football. I think my feet were higher than my head. Naturally, my back took the brunt of it all.

Stoopid snow! How long until summer?

I bet alcohol can ease back pain! The BlogNogg Bar is open! Double shots for all!!!

No no, Dolphins have to lose so New England goes to the playoffs... sorry. (Hi Siouxie! I'm in Florida again)


Hey Jan!!!!

Yes, Pirateboy and I had snow on our palm trees. Really. It snowed in Malibu. Britney was frightened. She thought the stuffing was finally falling out of her head.

LOL Annie! time to make a snowcone!

And another TD for the FINS!

PB, I'll pass on the eggnog. I'm having one of those motorized Heineys.

*Loves some hot cocoa to her Fins*

Poor widdle fishies are frozen.

Damn. The Chiefs/Dolphins score is 28-24 at halftime.

Must be a lot warmer on the field than it is in the stands...

31 to 31

*bites nails*

Ok..I'm off to go shopping. Help. Me.

Me, too, Siouxie. Maybe I'll see you out there. If I get lost and head 3,000 miles to the East.

Hey, the Wise Men did it.

YAY! Fins!!!!

"Motorized Heineys" is ether AGNFARB, or some new type of "toy". Which is it Siouxie?

p.s. Giants are in danger of tanking.

News flash: Giants win in OT! A great game, well played by both teams.

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