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December 26, 2008


Jell-O might eliminate lake trout in Yellowstone

(Thanks to DavCat)


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Forget Greenpeace. Notify OSHA. Who know the dangers of Jell-o?

Fish eggs, fish eggs,
Jell-O covered fish eggs
Fish eggs, fish eggs,
Eat them up

This theory sounds a bit wobbly.

I wonder if Martha Stewart will have that recipe in her newest cookbook?

Can't they just dump in some raw pineapple to break it up?

Actually I think the first task is getting the lake unfrozen. :) It takes a long time to get the boat in the lake during the winter months.

the question is....could they create a demand for trout roe in aspic?

"We're going to need a bigger Jell-O mold!"

"We're going to need a bigger Jell-O mold!"

Critters as innocent-sounding as Lake Trout are a threat to critters called Cutthroat Trout? Sounds like the latter was misnamed.

Way to go Al (job for life) Zale.
Let's see, the volume of a Lake trout egg is...small, very small. The volume of lakes and streams in Yellowstone Park is large...very, very large.
Task, find each egg then coat in aspic.
Sounds like a gravy train to me.
Aargh..why can't I think of these schemes instead of working.

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