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December 19, 2008




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That's some tork you got there.

Does it strike anyone else as odd that the website is named BNET, which of couse anagrams to BENT?

Meanie - That picture is of "elbows". The picture in my mind is very disturbing.

(What else is new.)

Any time the words "penis" & "injection" are used in the same article, it CAN'T be good.

No, Sir.

Yeah, well, plumbers are a bit of a disturbed lot themselves. Who else besides sex industry workers deals with nipples, ballcocks, snakes, throats, goosenecks and heaven knows what other anatomical bits?

Glad you, um, straightened that out yourself, Linda.

so i guess we will no longer have to alert the media if we see a more than 4-hour stiffy.

This site and this site both suggest that the site for the injection needs to be the penis itself, a sure drawback to sales.

Uh, no, not gonna go there.

Kinky . . .

Can't you just yank it straight?? Surely it's better than an injection.


The rumor among doctors that the various women who said that they could identify specific "peculiarities" about Bill Clinton's "pipe" were talking about Peyronie’s disease.

To hell with that!

rat tails? is that a euphemism?

Why are you all looking at me?

So, what happens to that pipe after they inject the drug?

Now THAT would make a fine YouTube.

♫♫ There was a crooked man...♫♫

*sings with Cat*

♫ Knock three times on the ceiling if you want me...twice on the pipes, if the answer in noooooo♪

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