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December 24, 2008


Key Quote: "They took four or five penis pumps," said manager Sunny Sharma. "And a life-size blow-up doll."

(Thanks to Joshua Orpin)


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*snork* @ 'units'
Hmmm....I thought everything was bigger in Texas. Guess not. Har.

"... they took cash and may have taken care of their Christmas shopping as well."
I wonder what kind of people are on their Christmas list!

Someone's planning a wild Christmas party.

Penis pumps and a blow-up doll were "the more expensive merchandise"? That doesn't sound right.

"o.k hands up! justyour hands please!"

"Remain calm"? In a sex shoppe?... Yes, ma'am, that IS a conifer in my pants.

So much for a 'Silent Night.'

WTD? ... "four" ... "or five" ...

Kinda "loose" inventory trackin' ... mebbe sum of the employees helped their ownselfs?

Or ... we need to rethink the concept of "shopLIFTING" ...

Police said to be on the lookout for hardened criminals.

*snork* @ M'ville!

Whew! the BOBs are safe!

C'mon; nobody wants to have to blow up the doll themselves.

(Takes a wack at it)

They got away on foot - but were only 6 inches before the crime.

"not a creature was stirring"....no batteries.

*readies BOBsled for Hell*

Oopsie. Ah wuz name-dropping and forgot to pick mine up again.

What? My? Just because you caught and convicted me before, why does it mean I'm guilty this time?

This sucks. (Literally?)

Aw man - Firefox can't find the address. Wassup? Merry Christmas to everyone, dudes.

Aw man - Firefox can't find the address. Wassup? Merry Christmas to everyone, dudes.

"Penis pumps"? Do those have to be primed?

A homemade erotic alternative, sorta.

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