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December 24, 2008


Guys are handy.

(Thanks to Guin, JT, Baron vonKlyff, Frank Canzolino and Chuck)


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Hey, hold my beer a minute...


And shiny!

Ironically, the weather calls for rain, which would have melted the snow anyway.

He should've used dynamite.
Or a rifle.

What a marooon guy.

Darwin thwarted again by EMTs...

Well, it was successful in a way.

Listen, any normal household task involves a certain amount of reasonable risk. Perfectly understandable. Now pardon me, I have to go fix a backed up toilet.

Be sure to take the blowtorch!

Not that I ever tried this, butt if you wanna get a line over a high pine bough and you make a strong bow, and a metal arrow, with string attached, and you fire it almost straight up into the tree, make sure none of the boys is stepping on the string.

Not that I would ever try that.

Tecnically, if he got rid of the porch he would no longer have trouble with snow on the porch roof. Reasonable course of action.

Likewise, if he got rid of the house, snow on the roof would cease to be a problem entirely.

Continuing that logic, if we got rid of the guy, stupidity would cease to be a problem.

Annie, if you're not gonna be serious....

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