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December 22, 2008


The National Potato Latke Eating Contest was won by a Canadian.

(Thanks to Siouxie and Jeff Meyerson)


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And he threw up for eight days.

Am I the only one whose link to this article won't work?

Czerwinski - a 6-foot-2, muscle-packed Canadian - downed 46 latkes and was still licking applesauce from his stubble when the eight-minute contest ended.

First we eat your latkes, then we take your lunch money, and then we take your country...

Prepare to become Canadian eh.

Al, butt you have given us sooooooo much with Celine Dion.

*eye roll*

*flings latke @ Siouxie*

That site has a 'car accident photo gallery.' How very Long Island.

and lake grove is where? not in the 5 boros. it doesnt count.

Lake Grove, queensbee.

I never heard of it either.

*catches latke with mouth*


A teacher I know just made a huge batch of these recently for her class, and I couldn't get past the first one. These cats had to be sick for days.

For the sake of those of us in English speaking countries, what the heck is a 'Potato Latke'?

It's a Latke made from potatoes ... sheesh!

Make the Yiddish Dept of Homeland Security handle it.

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