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December 26, 2008


Skip the bath.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Siouxie)


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Crocodile in a Bath WBAGNFA bad Samuel L. Jackson followup.

I see Siouxie spotted her next potential pair of croc pumps.

Apparently the bot had a little too much cheer yesterday and is constipated. Damn bot!


A resident invited him in and sid he had a 'problem' in his bathroom

Sid certainly did have a problem in his bathroom.

I have to admire someone who keeps their reptiles so nice and tidy.

I'm guessing his friend won't be asking him to pet-sit in the future. I wonder if that was his plan.

I think they already skip baths, IYCMD.

Somedude, I do need a new pair of strappy shoes. Who's got the shotgun?

Really, since Steve Irwin jumped the shark, the crocodiles are out of control!

I bet that croc would do more than just "Peckham."

Siouxie~ Here you go.

Thanks, Bumble!

Hmm, I think only short people got no reason to live in fear of a two-foot long killer beast.

Peckham Pest Preventer would sound better than controller.

A routine call advertising the local council's service sounds like door-to-door tax-funded physical graffiti to me. But then mrs.dances claims I'm an anarchist.

The problem in his bathroom is that it appears to be very dusty and the crocodiles may be larger than they appear in the mirror.

He didn't expect a sort of Brachyuranochampsa Inquisition.

But getting eyeballed by a crocodile must hurt. I wonder if they were able to reattach it.

As for its (not it's and especially not its's) happily lounging in the bath, I guess they could tell that by the large grin. :-)

And Siouxie, wouldn't the machete suffice?

But that's one of the many reasons I prefer showers.

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