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December 21, 2008


Stay off the water slide.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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I've heard of jumping the shark, but this???

Must've been the Manilow music they piped into the shark's tank. I'd jump, too.

I'm confused. The waterslide leads into the shark tank?

*crosses Layzeeboy off list of potential Herald Hunt teammates*

Been there. The slide takes you thru a glass tunnel that, um, tunnels thru the shark tank. Makes you feel like you're swimming w/ the sharks. Even the bites feel real!

*drips trail of blood as she wanders back to Home for the Criminally Stupid*

Oh, and anybody wanna come over right now for a PhotobucketBBQ?

Sure, Punkin. As long as we're inside a heated glass tunnel. So we can feel like we're swimming with the snowflakes but they can't bite us. Like a life-size snow globe.

Annie - How do you shake it?

(The globe, I mean...)

Aw, c'mon, Annie, I did get Col. Mustard in the library with the candlestick. Once.

Out here in SoCal, we hire people to shake it for us. Like this guy.

We're gonna need a bigger lawyer.

AWBH - I knew there was a reason why I always promptly flew back to reality after visiting SoCal, and most especially mid-Cal.

I've been in enough water parks with my kids to know there are things in that water WAY scarier than sharks.

p.s. Annie, that guy gets anywhere near MY globes he's gonna get his ears pinned back.

Snork @ padraig. Caddyshack flashback

Layzee: NTTAWWT.

*snork* @ JD & Layzee!

Your dorsal fin must be at least this high in order to enjoy this ride.

OT- Two horse-drawn carriages are clip-clopping thru our neighborhood, taking people on tours of the Christmas lights. (We live in one of THOSE neighborhoods.) They look like this, but they're covered in lights, pine boughs, and Christmas decorations. They also play Christmas carols. It's all quite festive, so I thought I'd share.
We now return to your regularly scheduled boogers.

It's baaaack! (and lookin' mighty chilly!)

The only Advisory I would suggest to hotel guests is to avoid the Trident Hotel in Bombay, India.

Punkin, you have your power back on? We were really lucky not to get all that ice - just snow. But about 20 miles west of me, people have been without power for a week. Schools are closed until after New Year. :0


So, why don't we just chlorinate the ocean?

It's great to be the king of Creation.

Izzat a Trojan reindeer?

The ocean is chlorinated, 35 parts per thousand, on average. It wasn't the chlorine, in my opinion, but the lack of other dissolved salts. It causes sea critters to swell-up and explode, internally, when they wind up in fresh water. Basically, that shark couldn't pee fast enough. Enjoy swimming in that pool!

More that chlorinating the Oceans we should be finding a way to deal with global warming, don't u all think so!

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