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December 28, 2008


Get out of the way.



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You look very captain-y, Dave!

*quickly gets out of the way*

Ahoy, Cap'n Dave! Be careful with your fishing rod.

No blue shirt? Did Dave's luggage get lost again?

Avast, Dave! Arrrrre ye flyin' the Jolly Roger atop that leaky tub?

I'm guessing the 'bvi' in the photo caption refers to the 'British Virgin Islands.' Not sure how he was allowed in there. Since he's not....British.

Why does someone who lives in Miami need to get away for an island vacation? Michigan/North Dakota/Wyoming I can understand. 76 degrees is just too cold?

Crab photos please!

BTW, I have resisted posting photos of me, doing the same thing today, mostly because I don't have hair; I have feathers (to steal from Notting Hill)!

However, my photos were funnier, because of the vessel name, which I can't say, because that would be wrong.

Meanwhile, my Gators will beat the backwater hicks from Oklahoma. (Point of information, it is claimed, by some, that my mother is from Oklahoma. While I will grant that she was born in Supulpa, I would point out that she had the sense to leave, before having given birth to me. Furthermore, my Mom is a hottie and she may have strayed, some, so whom is to say that she is my real mother, hmmMMMM?) <---- That's a joke, Oklahoma fans; it's illogical and makes no sense, because it supposed to be funny. Do not bother to rant on me because of my own Momma-joke, because it was a joke! Seriously! (<---see, OK fans, that word "Seriously" is also a joke; get how this works? Tap your left hoof once, for "yes")

Annie, "bvi" means behaving very innocently. I'm guessing he is delivering a ship-load of primo Columbian shoes to Iraq.

What's Dave doing in one of those new South Florida "Old People" cars, with the giant steering wheel???

Does Dave's Florida Driver's License werk when he's driving a boat?

Hah!, random.

Meanwhile, please note that Dave is gazing off, toughtfully, to the port bow (left, pointy end, front of boat) while both motors are fully astern (the boat is either shut down or he's in reverse, on both motors, full-speed).

Watch out, Somalian pirates! Dave's got the entire Barry Manilow catalog backed by 10,000 watts, and he's not afraid to use it!!

Dave, get out quick! Before the guy who owns that comes back.

pirates of the caribbean iv: the quest for the blue shirt...

Arrrgh! You are me hero there Davey! Ye lucky scuzz bucket! Be careful out there on the high seas, or in your backyard, where ever ye might be. And have ye a happy holiday season.

they're MY gators, CJ ;) and when are they playing? i know it's soon :) lol

Obviously Cap'n Dave is wearing a lovely sunset-hued shirt as a public service. If he were in his normal uniform, he wouldn't be as visible against the maritime background.

It's those little thoughtful touches that make us all so loyal.

P.S. I note that Dave's reflection is visible on the interior surface of the [insert appropriate nautical word for the surface above his head]. Is that like have mirrors on the bedroom ceiling???

Looks like Davey's jonesin' for liquor.

Izzat a fake backdrop? or CGI?

Dave, you need to be looking ahead...just sayin'

Looks like the rum is secure and ready to travel!

Dear TypePad: Phuk U.

What a lousy, nonsense system. Yes, I sent them a nicely worded message (not), but they called my response to judi, "comment spam." No bad words, actually kind of funny, but TypePad has decided I can't comment. Dear TypePad: I was already mad when my Jags lost; do you really want to mess with me? I have some free time; I could hunt down your children and alter their yearbook pictures. Check your Driver's Licenses; I have already altered them and given you 80s hair.

Daisy, that's a very complicated term for what's over your head; it's called the overhead.

Sio, the engines are in full reverse; Dave needs to look out back. Soon. Please?

OK, House is on, and it's one I haven't seen, butt I have nothing left. Must go to bed.

Night, all.

Toy boat, toy boat, toy boat, toy boat, toy boat.

Dave boat.
Day-ay-ay-ave boat.

I'm *sniffle* just so proud of Dave!

(You never forget the day you take the training wheels off your first bike, or your first boat.)

Fair seas and calm winds, to everyone!

No life jacket. Prob'ly just one of those backdrops at a Sears foto studio. He never left Miami at all. Sad. It's the Moon Landing all over again. When will "The Media" stop lying to us?

THIS is fiction. Admittedly. A Whore's Christmas & Whales.

Be on the lookout for a sailor without a cap, and not wearing a blue shirt....hmmmmm

You'll notice that Dave is wearing the stylish new double eyepatch. Cool, but steering is somewhat of an issue.

And, my, how Buster has grown.

I see the instruction manual for the boat is on the dash. Like any decent male, Dave has closed the book because he can figure it out himself.

Hey Dave....is that the pirate shirt I gave you on the Vineyard? Cuz you look wicked piratey.

At least you're (not your) not trying to sail the thing. That would be very bad.

And always remember Dave that the "bow" is the pointey end.

Meanie...I thought maybe I was the only one who remembered Buster:)

I predict that Dave will not remain behind the wheel for very long, because you can't drink beer and drive a boat.

Betsy, I'll bet the spiders are all grown up now with kids of their own too.

À åñòü, êàêàÿ íèáóäü àëüòåðíàòèâà?

Couldn't have said it better myself, UQ.

So if Dave is the captain does that make Mrs. Blog Taneal? Ok that was bad even for me.

In that photo, Dave looks not so much like he's piloting a boat, but rather like he's about to play "Georgia On My Mind".

Why would anyone bring a hula hoop on a boat?

Tennille, Addict.

Looks more like a zamboni to me.

Lol, meanie. I had the beginning of that observation but it remained inchoate.

Dave, your heading should be second star to the right, and straight on 'til morning.

No wonder the manatees are endangered.

I also think this photo could be a great album cover...Dave Does Buffett -a Pirate Looks at 60.

And up North here, we have 3 more big storms headed in from the Pacific Northwest.... our drought should be over...

Sunshine, warmth, heat...just a dream here in Outer Podunk-astan.


It does look like an album cover, Siouxie, especially with the sun 'twinkle' reflecting off the ship a la Brenda Starr. Not sure about 'Dave Does Buffett' though. Too kinky. Maybe 'Avast ye, Parrothead.'

And all that remains as proof of Dave's abduction onto the alien mothership are the four tiny glowing scars on his left shoulder and left temple where the otherworldly laser forceps so delicately grabbed him and lowered him back into a place where he has no idea what he's doing.

Judi-The game in which the Gators will perform significantly better than the 'Canes did this weekend is on Jan 8,2009. I even had my lucky sweatshirt on which is like a gazillion years old, but alas my concern rays could not reach SF because of the fog and cold weather....'got some Canes over here...whoosh whoosh

However, he sensed somehow that the strange feeling of being observed -- of having his thoughts transmitted to millions of other wise and beneficient souls -- would remain, as long as he continued to float on the shimmering surface of the blogosphere.

LOL Betsy. This would be an excellent caption contest.

"I can see Alaska from my boat..."

However, he sensed somehow that the strange feeling of being observed -- of having his thoughts transmitted to millions of other wise and beneficient souls -- would remain, as long as he continued to float on the shimmering surface of the blogosphere.
Gilligan! Gilligan!!!

..blue?, betsy? ...buster?

(n many snorks for the captions:)

To quote a famous Yogi, it's deja vu all over again. A totally unsatisfactory response is available HERE if you scroll down to my 5:54 pm and following comments.


Thank you, Meanie (just answerin') for the background story.

*Take(s) it with a grin of salt*

ty, ja! ;)

Well now, I was searching for blogs on fitness or health when i came across this post. Although not exactly what I was expecting I will give it ****.

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