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December 31, 2008


Please don't drink and drive.

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger)


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I'll be limiting myself to drinking and dancing.

And I'll be drinking and kareoke-ing.

Little boys in Maine dream of growing up to drive the Zamboni.

Siouxie - PLEASE, for GAWDs' sake, do NOT karaoke!!!! Think of the little children....

Good advice, Punkin' ... especially if she's drivin' a Zamboni ...

Punkin --
Not just in Maine. Many cried when the Zamboni fell off the back of the truck on its way to Wrigley Field for the outdoor hockey game that is coming up.

I wanted to drive one, too, Punkin. Maybe wrap a pink tutu around it and make it pirouette.

Stories today from Portland Maine and Portland Oregon. Nice going!

New Year's Eve is when Lithuanians put their coins on the window ledge so as not to be poor in the new year.

*off to cash in my 401(k) so I can put my quarter, dime, nickel and penny on the window ledge at midnight*

This better work.

Slinks out®

You mean you have 41 cents left? Can I borrow some of it?

"what are you in for ,kid?"

"drunk-driving, bail-jumping..."

"we trade guys like you for cigarettes!"

"and , i drove the zamboni!"

"oooh, will you let me I be your b****?"

*throws Braniff a dime*

This is the last time I bail you out, k?

I'll let Siouxie sing if she drives MY Zamboni...

Police: Good god, man, are you drunk operating?
Man: OUI, OUI.

I'm thinking this is a cleverly disguised zamboni.

Allen, I don't drive stick...shift ;-P

I am drinking and staying home, hunkered down in the -114 degree windchill. Here's to the Twilight Zone marathon!

*shivers off in search of extra Polarfleece socks*

We have stunning succulent Rose Bowl weather.

....but I still want Polarfleece socks, too.

Ditto Annie - where's the Polarfleece? (Ditto about the weather in SoFla!)

Weather here in Mianusmi is gorgeous. I'd have liked it a tad cooler but it'll do.

Any of youse want my Polarfleece, you're gonna have to thaw it off my cold, dead body. *snarl*

In case you're not sure how much alcohol is too much, check out this Gentle Reminder...

(and I wish to state for the record that my cat was not involved in this slide show...!)

Guinny -Fleece is our friend. *notices cat at back door, opens door to let her in, frozen catsicle falls in at my feet...my warm, fleecy feet*

Mr. Dr. Poo and I are sitting 2 of the littlest Poos tonight. I'm pretty sure the only way I'll see midnight is if someone needs a bottle and a change. Probably it'll be Mr Poo.



Idling Zamboni,
I'd be an idling zamboni for you..."

No, I don't understand it either.

Sounds like the scene in "Mystery alasks" where Russel crowe pulls over Hank Azaria driving the Zamboni down the road while loaded. Classic.

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