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December 26, 2008


How weird a year was it?


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YES! Thanks, Dave!

And now you know the rest of the sto... Oops. Wrong witty person.

That was great, Dave! Now I finally know what's going on.

That was quite ... mesmerizing....

And now I am up to date on all the stories I tried to avoid last year! They made more sense this time.

Finding the humor in a year like this takes serious talent. Serious funny talent. Thanks, Dave. May your beer always be cold.

...and your wine tangy!

This was great, Dave!

Thanks, judi, for posting that and thanks of course to Dave for another year of making us smile.

I particularly liked the fourth Indiana Jones movie, Indiana Jones Experiences Frequent Nighttime Urination and, of course, Barack Obama, in a historic triumph, becomes the nation's first black president since the second season of 24

Dave, that was tight! Fair and Funny. I have a feeling things are only going to get odder in 2009, so get ready!

almost worth struggling through the whole crummy year to get that year-end update. well done, dave. *cheers*
(the kind with raised glasses. not screaming sports fans. or tv bars where everyone knows your name.)

2008: How weird a year was it?

It was so weird, that it's apparently over an' yet it ain't even over. Yet. That's how weird it is. Er, was. Not that it don't make no nevermind. Is all.

Thanks, Dave! (Hi, judi!) I will have read that back in '08 and really enjoyed it, but no surprises there. Or here.

And Morgana!

No Paris.

No Britney.

Almost no Lindsay.

Total worldwide financial devastation is a small price to pay, I say.

Loved it, Dave! I was really looking forward to your summary this morning -- glad we got it today!

*off to buy a medium Slurpee*

I'd love to hear Dave's predictions for 2009.
*Stock market will go up, then down, then wee, wee, wee, all the way home
*Terrorists, tired of living on canned pinto beans in caves in Pakistan, turn themselves in to authorities in time to watch Super Bowl
*In the sequel to "Marley & Me," known as "Marley & Me & Dave", Dave Barry's agent wisely gets him 2% of the gross. (congrats on a box-office winner, Dave!)

YAY! This made my day. Excellent yearly review as always, Dave!

I think Dave's year is actually what happened.I also learned that the lights were only supposed to be off for an hour.It's been so dark here.

I'm going to wait a few months, then put "that" toolbag on EBay.

Bravo! It takes a twisted genius to find humor in this rotten year. Good riddance, I say! *raises coffee cup in Dave's general direction*

Is it over/safe to come out yet?

i loved President Wackjob Lunatic, and the Macs selling cracks and dating L.L. :)

Being a Chicagoan, I am proud to read that Illinois politics made it into the year end highlights twice this year. (Four times if you count Obama and Hillary)

Somehow when Dave says it, it all makes sense.

Thanks for the SNORKs, Dave.

This was not a year to get through sober.

Bravo, Dave!

you nailed it dave! exactly as i remember it.

nora, my wife agrees with you: her favorite bits were about Fannie and Freddie robbing a liquor store and selling crack.

Dave is the Man.

Wow. Since 2007 started me mainlining Paxil™ and drinking tons of red wine (for heart health!), I was a bit oblivious to the hideousness that was 2008.

Thank Gawd. Let's all raise a glass to the wonders of pharmacology - and Dave! (Also a wonder of pharmacology)

Thanks Dave. Brilliant, as always.

Dave, thanks for clearing up how Sarah Palin was selected. I was assuming McCain threw a dart and missed the dartboard. Masterful review, as always.

Outstanding, Dave, your version of events makes a lot more sense than what really happened. If we're headed for a replay of the 1930s, I'm glad we've at least got someone channeling the late great Will Rogers.

God bless us every one, we're going to need it.

Goodbye Bocken!

*Thanks to Andy(TTHC), who posted this on Facebook*

I've been checking and well...FINALLY!! IT BURNED!


Excuse me, is this the Dave Benny Bog? And where does this mouse thing plug in to my cell phone?

Thanks, Dave, for making sense of it all.

ps: Siouxie: is there a link to footage of the burning of the bocken?

Lairbo, that's the only link that's on their website. There's another camera angle. Maybe someone actually filmed it and we'll get that soon??

Slightly OT/ A year ago, I got my first story published in the Ventura County Star. Just got another one. That kinda book-ended a tough but wonderful year for me. Thanks for listening to my silliness. And thanks for Dave & judi for inspiring me to try. I've got another little publishing deal ('Chicken Soup for the Soul' series), an editing job, and a book to shop for a publisher soon. So thanks.

Way to go, Annie!

I loved the story. And all your stories. Never stop writing, please.

My younger daughter just handed in a memoir that made me turn fifteen shades of red, but I had to admit, made me laugh. It was about the time we "made" her go on the WDW Space Mountain ride when she was little and how it (I) scarred her for life. She writes with humor, and pulls no punches. A lot like you!

You'll find a publisher, and when you do, I will be sure to buy your book!

Thanks, Cat. I think lots of us are born with the writing gene, and we're lucky if we don't get it 'trained' out of us. It's funny seeing events from the kid's perspective, isn't it?

Here's hoping to a better 09 for all of us.

YAY Annie!!! That was hilarious. You have the funniest Christmas anecdotes. Congrats on the publishing deals.

Yay, Annie! Feel free to steal my title for your book -- Chicken Soup For The Vegetarian Soul. I'll even anagram you a blurb, for a killer boost in sales!

Thanks, dances. I've used that same title here several times before, and I stole it from somewhere else.

The Chicken Soup thing is for a college edition, stories that happened to people in college. If you're curious, they're considering this one.

Best line, hands down: "You are getting sleepy. Very sleepy." (Second best line: Mitt Romney's "motherboard issues.")

That was for Dave. For Annie: Well done! Best line: "BB enema."

Thigh-shootingly funny, bravo sir!

ps: "Hamper" is a verb as well as a noun.. As is "Hector" ;)

like some sort of bizarre Advent calendar

SNORK atchya, annie.


Great column. One question how could Biden fail to make an entry considering all the material he provided. I mean come on, this is the guy who claimed President FDR got on TV to reassure the nation after the market crashed in 1929. Never mind the fact that Hoover was still president for two more years and TV's hadn't been invented yet.

Not to be a pitnicker but what about the second President Palmer? Wasn't that Season 5? We never didi find out what happened to him.

The Only good thing about 2008? Dave's review of this mind boggling, pocket emptying, year..


I am gonna stay home New years Eve, pop a xanex or vicoden or whatever i can find and hope that when I wake up, the world will be a better place (if not just a year older)

peace love and grease folks

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