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November 26, 2008


Three Norwegian tourists came under fire and one was shot after the satellite navigation system in their car guided them straight into one of Rio de Janeiro's most dangerous slums.

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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Next time they should remember to enable the Arrive Alive setting.

"Turn left, 300 feet ahead.
Stop for ambush, 50 feet ahead.
Surrender your keys, wallet and jewelry to automatic weapon bearing thugs.
You have arrived at your revised destination."

In other, travel-related news, the local news folks were staged at the airport for their tired story about travel delays this morning and had to report, with some distress, that the airport was a ghost town, devoid of even typical traffic!

kind of like the neighborhoods around the car rental returns near some US airports.

Meanie...or used Mapquest, and clicked on the 'avoid' choice under the Gunfire option.

Prepare to turn right and haul ass.

Lemme guess. The driver was a man, right?

Ah yes, Sioxie, but the nagging voice on the GPS is a woman.

*runs from machete and hot wax*

Killingtveit injured in shootingtveit

Careful, Layzee. You're gonna be measuring yourself in centimeters pretty soon. (iycmd)

Most GPS systems allow the user to designate certain areas to "avoid". It seems to me the mapping companies could program the most notorious of those bad areas into the map data. That would be a major value-add. A GPS user, who is using a GPS because he/she is unfamiliar with the city, are not likely to know what areas to avoid.

Having absolutely no sense of adventure is a growing problem. Having absolutely no sense of direction, however, seems to be less of a problem.

I think that a neutral data source like GPS mapping of violent crime could be overlaid on the street data to avoid Redlining issues, especially if the GPS included businesses in the database.

There is a burger place that is "near" my home, but involves crossing two gang turf lines on the most direct route. None of the online direction units would note the problem.

Apparently in Norway, instead of Garmin, they have Gangsta GPS systems... MADE by gangstas. They're cheap to buy cuz the gangstas make their money on the back end.

They should have brought Denny Crane with them--he'd show them how a Crime Watch works!

You have arrived at your destination. Prepare your ass for to be kicked in seven languages.

Yay, Siouxie got posted! With yet another 'silly man refuses to ask for directions and gets shot' story.

GPS = Get Punched & Shot

A few years ago, they actually tried to sell a GPS with the voice of Mr T, saying "I pity da fool who missed that turn."

I wonder if these folks found one of those on Craigslist.

But starting next onth, you can buy a GPS with the voice of the "Night Rider" computer, and it comes programmed to say hundreds of pronouns on startup, such as "OK, Dave, where do you want to go today?".

I'm waiting for one to say "How come Siouxie never gets posted anymore?"

*glares @ PB*


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