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November 19, 2008


(Thanks to DeskDiva)


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A most unfortunate malodorous malady. I fish wish her all the best.

*wisely elects not to comment*

More like...Phew.


^5 Annie!

Whoa...deja phew!

Everybody thinks their fish don't stink.

Is she a Pisces?

I don't see what the problem is.

♬ Fish smell
Fish smell
Roly Poly
Fish smell ♪

I'm sure there is some web-based (sorry) fetish group that would love to meet her.

Yep, that "Fish Malodour Syndrome" must (musty?) be a real (reel) bitch to diagnose, especially if the patient smells (smelts?) like a rotting fish. Somebody get Dr. House!

Shut up. I'm busy. Has anyone seen my vicodin?

Her favorite band?

'Part of doctors' examinations included "being sniffed"...'

Sounds *scientific* (and a bit creepy) to me.

Woman: Doctor, why are you referring me to an audiologist for my condition?

Doctor: Well, I'm a general practitioner, and you said you had a hearing problem.

Woman: No. I said I have a herring problem.....

Holy Mackeral!

"The woman, now 41, has finally been diagnosed by a microbiologist with the condition,..."

How fortunate of her that she was able to find a doctor who suffers from the same condition.

Her favorite band?

or maybe Hot Tuna...

There are soooooo many things I cannot say on this thread.

Классно, вещь полезная!

♫ Smelly tw@t, smelly tw@t
What are they feeding you?
Smelly tw@t, smelly tw@t
It's not your fault...♪


She's had (sh'ad?) this problem since she was a small fry.

She shouldn't be caviar about this and should consult a sturgeon right (whale) aweigh.

What does she take for a haddock?

Sometime I take-a aspirin, sometime I take-a calomel.

I'd walk a mile for a calomel...

Да, но она есть пупок?

I had a good comment when I mentioned this in the other thread, but, I forgot what it was....

Wait a minnow! Ya'll are carping on this poor woman's suffering. For shamue!

That's right, oldmanatee. No wonder it smelled familiar.

Finally!! A little recognition around here...

Blind guy walks past the fish market, tips his hat, "Mornin', ladies."

Did my wife just walk in the room, or is it simply low tide?

Adam sees Eve bathing in the river. "Great. Now the fish are gonna smell like that."

Contents of a pair of pantyhose: 10 piggies, 2 calves, an ass, and a fish nobody can find.

Yet your electric eel keeps on lookin' for it, don't it, Layzeeboy?

It's more like a puffer, Annie.

No octopussy joke?

"Trimethylaminuria, or fish malodour syndrome," which doctors commonly refer to as "the ick." I'm guessing she works for scale?

Hypochondria? When everyone could smell her coming a mile away?

Sounds like a major diagnostic cop-out to me, designed to keep her outta the waiting room.

(Fishician, heal thyshellfish)

Oh, damn! I get posted on a GOOD one and I MISS it! Boo hoo! :(

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