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November 24, 2008


They will start here.

(Thanks to Justin Barber and Gavin Taylor)


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if anyone needs me, i'll be buying up a bunch of poodles to play the critters in our live nativity.

My Border collies would like to submit that there are other animals who would tolerate that treatment better.

Here are some candidates.

What is WRONG with that b!tch? And by "b!tch," I don't mean the dog...

That dog is going to kill that woman...some day. We could only hope.

And the so called "PETA" does nothing.

Poor Cindy dreams of her escape someday.

But poodles aren't really *dogs* ...

I've said it before: Anyone who decorates their bitch to resemble a cock must be an ass!

Do we really need to wait for the dogs to do it, Dave? Some things just demand immediate action.

I have a Rottweiler that she could try to paint... I'm sure there'd be nooooo problems what so ever. My dog should meet Cindy and give her some pointers on how to deal with the crazy painting lady.

Do NOT let Lucy see that picture!

And yet, one woman died her poodle pink and MSN went berserk. They haven't seen this have they? Call in the Fox News team!!

*snork* at the Teenage Mutant Ninja Poodle!

From her site:
"Remember: Anything safe for humans is safe for your dog"

Totally, especially chocolate.

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