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November 24, 2008


(Thanks to Cheryl Howard)


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Yay! I got posted. A first, this month.

Wow. Thank goodness that's resolved. The suspense was killing me.

*readies handbasket*
Next stop - Strawberry Fields!

Yay, Cheryl got posted! Making fun of Catholic doctrine, no less.

Are they going to forgive The Be Sharps as well?

Not that the Vatican cares, but I think Jesus and John have had enough time on their own to work things out.

I saw that and wondered what the point was. *shrug*

Well, helloooo, Dalai!

Well, he's still on my sh!t list.

The Catholic Church does move slow....

Jesus said forgiveness is very important. He never said it had to be rushed into.

next, paul mccartney gets forgiven for "someone's knocking at the door, someone's ringing the bell..."

What I've never understood about that whole thing is, what's so wrong with what he said? Given the percentage of Christians in the world, they probably were more popular. (i.e., known by more people). He never said they were better, more revered, or anything else. Just known by more people. He was probably right (and I'm Catholic).


*steps away from Layzeeboy just in case he's wrong*

So does he finally get a "get out of purgatory free" card?

Mother Superior jumped the gun.

No way was Lennon ever bigger than Jesus. He was all of 5'10", tops.

If I were the Catholic church, I'd be more inclined to think this was in need of pardoning.

What's the big deal? JC is cool

Just so you all know, lightning really hurts.

All I am saying, is give the Prince of Peace a chance.

Besides, I was never as bad as that Lenin guy.

Wow, they're really working through that backlog! Wasn't it just a couple of years ago that they pardoned Galileo?

Sorry. Not good enough.

Quitcherbitchin, Luther, over some measely Papal Bulls. I have oodles of species trampling me, everyday, before I have to go do the lava swim, and this is just Purgatory we're talkin' here.

Guin, I have to agree with you on that. That music is on a continuous loop in Hades.

Layzee, some folks is just plain touchy about stuff. I remember bars back in Indiana where you'd best not say nuthin' bad about Roy Orbison.

Yeah, thanks loads, you British twit.

Nietzsche IS dead!

anyone know what John Lennon would be doin' if he were alive today?

(I happen to think he'd be scratching frantically at the lid of his coffin.)

Yay, Cheryl got posted! Making fun of Catholic doctrine, no less.

Posted by: Annie Where-but-here | 05:04 PM on November 24, 2008

Handbasket to hell. Party of one, or will I have company today?

Oh, Mr. Darwin, I beg your indulgence. *Eyeroll*

Would this make Kanye West better than the Beatles better than Jesus Hank Christ?
My brain is starting to hurt.

No, Tiffany. West is nothing special and will never be remembered, nor listened to, in the future (beyond his publicist.)

Where does that loser belong in that sentence? That's what's making your head hurt. That's what's making my sides hurt!

I got yer handbasket right here. This tiny music is now available at the Purgatory Giftshop!

totally OT, but i had to tape 24:RedemptionTMsymbol, so i had to wait till now to read Dave's commentary. love it! don't know how i'm going to make it till january for my next Keifer fix-- where's my Young Guns tape???

i'll read the 700+ comments tomorrow. :)


John Lennon is the shizzle. Jesus is just all right. With me. Oh yeah.

The Vatican's newspaper has finally forgiven John Lennon.

Well, as long as the paper forgave him.

*wonders what my TV Guide can do about that little youthful indiscretion back in my twenties...*

snork @ Cat!

The Vatican's newspaper? One would have thought it would more appropriately come from the Vatican's celebrity gossip mag. You know, Papal People.

uh...you're welcome?

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