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November 24, 2008


Our sofa is HAUNTED.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and DavCat)


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Farts disappear into leather . . .

Yes, Haunted Sofa WBAGNFARB.

Key soon-to-be-a-FOX TV-Movie of the Week paragraph: "It could be an alien for all we know. The noise is getting louder and louder. I'm scared it's going to come bursting out one evening while we're watching TV."

If I found those two sitting on MY sofa, I'd call an exorcist, too...

They prolly sat on someone years ago and the body was never discovered.

Judging by that photo every time they sit they hear "GET -- OFF!"

“I thought I must be going mad but Poppy, my Yorkshire terrier, heard it too.
“She started sniffing around but then got scared and ran away."

Guess Nigel can't blame the "sofa noises" on the dog anymore.

Maybe they can move the sofa to their boat.

That's no haunted sofa. Now this is a haunted sofa.

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