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November 19, 2008


Attleboro, Mass., cracks down on the criminal element.

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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A 74 year old blind woman is threatened because she owes ONE CENT to the state of Massachusetts.


And in an aside, the Miami Herald's popups are getting really annoying.

Geez, now that they published the fact that somebody paid it for her, the IRS will track her down for not reporting Income In Kind. They'll want back taxes and a penalty.

Being born in Mass, I would just like to say that most Mass folk consider Attleboro to actually be part of Rhode Island.

Thank you.

She should have returned a drop of water to the water and sewer agency to settle the debt.

"Mayor Kevin Dumas says the whole situation was blown out of proportion."

Ya think?

4 words for you, Jeff: Firefox with popup blocker.

It's about time too.

It probably cost the city $1 to process the 1¢ check.

One year in grad school, I never paid the final 33¢ of my bill (although I lived on campus, they sent my bill through the USPS). They decided it wasnt' worth it.

I hope she's learned her lesson.

Oh, thank God. These bad debts are ruining the country. Now the economy will turn around, we'll all get jobs again, the automakers will be saved, and there will be a turkey in every pot!

The Commonwealth of MA. Need we say more.

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