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November 28, 2008


My family and I celebrated Thanksgiving in Washington, D.C., at the home of Mr. Gene Weingarten, of the Washington Post. Among the other guests was Mr. Joel Achenbach, also of the Post. I took the CrapCam photo below of these two legendary journalism professionals in Gene's basement office, which apparently has been struck by numerous freak basement tornadoes. I'm pretty sure Jimmy Hoffa is in there somewhere.



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Did you find the odometer picture?

Is that Hoffa banging his head against the wall on the left?

Just what are they doing down there on Thanksgiving, anyway? Looks like they could be either:

- Printing Publisher's Clearinghouse notices
- Seeing who will be first to topple the stack of books
- Practicing the old "pound the watch" magic trick

Now I know where Dave got the design for his Herald office.

Where does he keep the beer?

Gawd, how do you get in and out of that place?

I have got to show that to my mom, so that she can no longer say I have the messiest office in the world.

The red filing cabinet adds a nice touch of color. It's probably also helpful for camouflaging blood stains.

I'm pretty sure that's a Pulitzer Prize underneath that mallet.

(P.S. - A mallet?!)

Lemme guess. He uses the mallet to whack the CDs into the 5 1/4-inch floppy drive on the Kaypro II?

I'm pretty sure I see Deep Throat in there, as well.

is that groucho's head?

In one of his postings on the Post Tuesday discussions, Gene said he told the contractor that was working on his home office that he felt like he was in a jail cell. The contractor managed to find iron bars to put in the window.

I think the mallet might be to use to move the piles of rodenticide that they had to use a couple of years ago that piled up around the office.

If you think Gene's office is bad, look for pictures of his 323.

Dave, did you have to bring the turkey again??

Followup question: Did you cheat and bring a leftover turkey from the School?

I don't think I've seen a messier basement that doesn't have a PLAYSTATION 3 prominently displayed.

But isn't Weingarten Jewish? I thought they just ate Chinese food on Thanksgiving and then went to the movies.

Did anyone call FEMA? I hear they are very helpful in the case of natural disasters.

Also, Gene's office looks like a game of I Spy.

Hey, Gene! I've got an unused blue cabinet that'll match your red one. All you gotta do is pick it up, or I'll bring it; I'm probably within 20 miles of you.

From the looks of it..I think he's gonna need a bigger terlet.

He'll have to wait till Groucho's done pukin'. Those guys can sure partay, no?

Is Mr. Gene Weingarten accepting more cr@p/i> collectibles?


Dave - Please wave at my parents' house as you walk by whilst sightseeing. They live right down the street from Gene. :)

Look at that poor wall outlet! You couldn't cram another plug in that socket with a shoe horn and a can of crisco. With all of that junk.... er..... I mean with all those very valuble collectibles lying about down there, that place will be a blazing inferno in seconds when that outlet finally explodes.

My girlfriend broke up with me the day after she saw my home office. I'm sending the link to this blog to show her that better writers have even messier offices. Too little, too late, I know, but she needs to see the big picture.

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