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November 20, 2008


Suspected Toilet Arsonist Arrested

(Thanks to Layzeeboy)


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Torch a can, get tossed into The Can.

(After some work, maybe MacGruff could use it...)

Wait until you see his mug shot...

Looks like he might have stood just a little too close to the event.

What a happy feller. We have a trailer for him to clean up after down in Kentucky.

John D'oh!

Big Rock? Clearly his rocks weren't big enough.

Dave, yours is a much better headline. Theirs makes it unclear which item was portable - the toilets or the arson.

WBBM - 'Would-Be-Bowel-Movement'?
(that's what Dave was um, hinting at)
Or Warner Bros BM - WBAGNFABM

Punk - but Dave's headline leaves it unclear in another way. Suspected arsonist of toilets, or arsonist of suspected toilets? How about SUSPECT ARRESTED IN TOILET FIRES? (hmm... In what toilet was he arrested, and what did he fire?)

Is the "I was just lighting a match" defense open for him?

Is that stuff really flammable? What had he been eating prior to the event?

Time to layoff the jalapanos?

Heeey, no way, man! We work really hard!

I can't believe that nobody has yet pointed out that the police have nothing to go on.

Actually, Saint Peter has nothing to go on.
And the alleged suspect was held in loo of bail.

It's only flammable after you pour on the Poo Powder.

He should be throne in the slammer.

Thanks for the clarification CJ, does Mr Whipple know about this?

Meanie - snort

Police have nothing to go on.

Another budding criminal's career goes down the crapper...

Maybe he was trying to get George MIchael's attention.... you know shoot up a flare kind of thing...

Or maybe he was teed off at the guy that invented the vibrating toilet seat because he didn't come up with that idea first...

Will he be tried before a jury of his 'pee-ers?'

it's a bum rap...i tells ya!

WBBM - "We Be BM, all BM, all the time"

The two posts before my last post are terrible, horrible puns. Should not be read by anybody.


I wonder how these intrepid cops from Illinois disguised themselves to capture this perp?

He was just a flash in the can.

CJ -- professionals know how to blend in with their surroundings.

bumm rap, snork

Tried to email this in, but it got bounced back. Weebl notes that it's right next to Kenya: Somalia!

Oooh! Oooh! I got one!

Wait for it...

Police have nothing to go on.

Heh! am I clever or what?

Duh, Siouxie - it's "Police have nothing upon which to go."

Fire in the hole!

wbbm needs to either change their title of being chicago's #1 source or change their call letters to wpss.

Dang it, Annie. You gotta go and spoil everything.


I ain't sayin' nutin'. Y'all will just have to watch 30 Rock for yourselves.

Sorry CJ. Never seen it. I'm watching Grey's Anatomy ;-P

Would it be helpful to know that WBBM on television is Channel #2?

Frankly, I'm impressed.

Exactly what part of a toilet is even flammable?

From the state that gave you Barack Obama.

Siouxie, don't know what you think but we both thought that in every way imaginable that was the single worst episode of Grey since the show has been on.

Other than that, are you having trouble getting through to the blog at the Herald? Every item I've sent to the blog since last night has immediately come back.

I've been concerned about the blog bouncing, too. Perhaps it's clogged up... and someone needs to set it afire to unplug it. Or which it to unplug... Or something... I really have nothing to go on here.

Wasn't me! I've been getting the emails back too, Jeff.

I'm not sure it was the worst episode. I kinda liked it. Especially the sex with Denny the ghost ;-P

Weird and kinky!

Off to work then.

Siouxie, aren't you disturbed (speaking of Izzie) that an apparently schizophrenic woman (sees and talks to and touches dead person who isn't there) is practicing medicine? Or that interns are operating on each other as if they were living in a frat house and nobody knows where they are or what they're doing?

There is no #3 but I know I am.

psssst, Jeff?? I hate to break it to ya butt...it's ONLY A SHOW!!

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