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November 25, 2008


Lap dancing "is not sexually stimulating", the chairman of the Lap Dancing Association told a parliamentary committee today.

The Lap Dancing Association?

(Thanks to Danny)


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perhaps they're doing it wrong.

I agree, I've never found dancing Laplanders to be particularly sexy.

Oh, absolutely not. I go for the cuisine.

With hair like that, I don't want to think about who he's been getting them from!

cg, they're definitely doing it wrong.

This matter requires an in-depth study, a broad sample of lap dancers and lap dance experieinces. And a grant funded by the gubmit, say $200,000. And we need volunteers. Anyone want to volunteer?

Warr replied by asking: "How do you measure sexual stimulation"?

Ummm, if OUR ladies are dancing, it's really obvious. REALLY obvious. Silly Brits.

They mean for the women.

He might have more credibility if he wasn't wearing the Italian pinstripe suit. Bada Bing!

"Their clothes are on and off before you can blink." This sounds like employment I could qualify for!

Lap dancing "is not sexually stimulating", the chairman of the Lap Dancing Association told a parliamentary committee today...

Then what's the point?

I guess the guy's implying that the cover charges and overpriced drinks are a form of charity or something. Yeah, charity, that's it...

CJ, you are such the man slut

If I'm reading his hand gestures at the beginning of the video correctly, then I think maybe it is sexually stimulating.

How do you measure sexual stimulation

Well, when I was 12 I used a tape measure.

And now, Layzee??

Woody Allen nailed this one years ago.

Interviewer: "So, is sex dirty?"
Woody: "If you do it right it is."

BTW, LZ told me to tell you he'd be back after he finds some pictures from the construction measurement department of the Home Depot web site.

After responding to all those emails over the years, Siouxie, we now have to use yardsticks!

Judi would agree with me that if it is not sexually stimulating then people should be getting fired.

*back from Home Depot after buying yardstick*

Only a yardstick, LZ?

I have to call in those guys that estimate the size and mass of astronomical objects. Usually they're over at Drew Carey's house.

I assume you mean they're not partying, padraig, they're estimating the size and mass of Drew Carey.

[-------] six inches..right, Layzee??


Bill Clinton is the chairman of the Lapdance Association?

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