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November 22, 2008


(Thanks to Phil Snyder and Bruce)


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FIRST to say: Four hundred years is a long time to go without beaver.....

Wow, those are some old beavers if they're returning after 400 years.

Steve, they've been on that long tour opening for Cher.

That should stiffen their ... upper lips.

The Argyll Beavers WBAGNFARB

Reminds me of that Primus song...

Photo caption: "A handout picture obtained from the Scottish Wildlife Trust shows a beaver chewing on some wood."

I'm lucky this wasn't opened at work, but there really should have been a warning with that.

Well who doesn't love a wild beaver?


So did they only have stay-at-home-to-watch-dancing-with-the-stars-and-tell-you-not-to-touch-me-because-I-have-a-headache beavers for the past four centuries?

I guess so.

The beavers are the least of their worries, England have just been thumped 42 points to 6 by South Africa in a Rugby International game at Twickenham in London. There are so many South Africans living in London that the support in the stadium was almost 50/50.

I went to college with some of them. I'm glad they finally got home.

Now they won't have to import the beaver pelts from Canada for the guardsmen's busbys.

As opposed to this tame and well-mannered beaver?

I'm a wild beaver
I couldn't leave her
If I tried

par-tay har-tay ye beavers.

Mot...thank you for being among the few, the proud, the selective who passed over the obvious references and thought immediately of the busby situation. If I were of a mind, I'd have commented that perhaps the shortage was because all those beefeaters had their heads stuffed in beavers, but I'm not like that.

And just, ah say, just in time

British teen boys will be relieved that they no longer need to look at pictures of foreign beavers.

snork @ Betsy

Betsy, I always try, often in vain, to inject some class into this blog.

British beaver is like British cooking.

Anything to help the ailing tourism indutry.

I can see the motto now:

British Wild Beaver: We put the U.K. in F*CK!!

Reminds me of the first thing that was ever censored on tv:
"Ward, don't you think you were a bit tough on the Beaver last night?"

Nice piece o' tail...leer, leer, leer. Two wild beavers fall in love - most guys would want to watch.

I wonder who will do the first gratuitous beaver shot.

Wasn't that a Paul Simon song --

"Fifty Ways To Love Your Beaver?"

Go Beavs!

Monkees and Beavers, huh SW? You obviously have been spending too much time at the zoo

They say this like it's a bad thing to have wild beavers.

I believe they were wiped out originally because of the damage they do to flowing fishing streams. The British may come to regret bringing them back. The idea that humans are the only ones who have a negative impact on nature is totally bogus.

ken, here's $5. Go buy a sense of humor.

400 years? them's some dried up old beavers, dat's fo sho.

Siouxie, is this project being sponsored by KY Jelly? Also, I'm sure "The Scottish Beaver Trial" WBAGNF something, but I'm going to drink heavily and rapidly before anything comes to mind...

Why? Just ... why? That's all I ask ...

Miss T

Is it an American thing? I just cannot understand why the hooha is compared to a hairy rodent with buck teeth.

Must. Not. Link.

Oh, go ahead and link.

No. Must. Not. Link.

*fingers snapping*

Hey, this is funny! Another Wall Street patsy at Treasury. Boy, wait'll they steal all HIS money. HAH!

Oh, wait. That's OUR money. Shoots.

obviously, the male beaver would not ask for directions home

actually Mot, the "hooha" has hair to hide the hook

For a LIMITED TIME ONLY, with every ShamWOW purchase, you will receive a free "Beavers Gone Wild - Miami" video!

Not available in stores! Void where there is good taste and common sense!

Sooo, Madonna is back in the U.K.? Good to know.

Sooo, Madonna is back in th U.K.? Good to know.

[anybody else keep having an annoying and "official"-looking Anti-virus 2009 keep trying to load up, off the BarryBlog? I don't get it anywhere else; only here and only when I try to post a comment or open a Main Post. Little Ukranian bastids. Or beavers, they may be beavers]

Hey, that Antivirus 2009 hit me too but I never actually associated it with the blog; several months ago when it first cropped up I actually thought it was real and before I knew it I had to perform all manner of heroic maneuvers to get rid of it, none of which (unfortunately) I was able to remember when it suddenly showed up again yesterday. (And yes, I probably had the blog on the screen both times. Hmmm.) Fortunately I was able to jump up and shut off the computer before it could really get going -- I hope -- as the earlier time I ended up having to cancel out my credit card and get a new one. My advice: if Antivirus 2009 rears its ugly head, act fast or it will be impossible to get out, believe me I know...!

BTW Sunday Morning just announced sometime between now and 10:30 Bill Geist will do a feature on the Heart Attack Grill which specializes in those mega-calorie burgers and stuff that get mentioned here every now and then. Just try not to drool all over the keyboard...

Check out the Gift ideas on the next Post - pet high chairs. Yes!

They may also be reintroducing sea eagles to England. I expect a flurry of beaver/"eagle eye" jokes to follow this...

Thanks, "Steve". Yeah, I spotted it for a fake (but a very good one), but it was aggresive as hell. I just had to close out, then scrub with the real Mr. Clean.

Hear us, O' Bloglits, that official-looking "Antivirus 2009" is a scam. Close it and get the heck away!

Skins WIn!!!
no delay for 24!!

Helloooo!!! I was commenting on the wrong post with several other misled people. It's good to be back.

"Are you alright?" Yah, except for that burnt ear torture thing.

Ain't no beaver like a wild beaver.

Here's the songs that PROVE it! 45's from 45 years ago today: 11/22/63

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