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November 19, 2008


(Thanks to DavCat)


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Hitler's testicular shortcomings, groin disfiguration in prison, a "man" giving birth after operations to fix his tackle. Do I detect a thread here?

Just what I needed today. I am still chuckling over this one.

Good to know The Sun is on the case.

“They called him the ‘Screamer’. He was very noisy. Hitler was screaming ‘help, help’.

Hey, let's see how Rupert Murd@ch acts if one of his gets blown off.


** . . . Goering, had two but they were small
Himmler, had something similar
But Goebbels, had no balls at all**

Stupid revisionists. The actual lyrics, transcribed in Brazil, are "Hitler they say has just one ball/Goering has two but they are small/Himmler/His case was similar/And they say Goebels had no balls at all."

MKJ...Well, you were close.

JtH: it was a long time ago . . .

Today's service announcement: in case you're wondering what "b****r" means in "His mother, the dirty b****r, cut it off when he was small" it's not "booger," it's apparently "bugger," which I guess can't be printed in a British newspaper, or even in The Sun.

Ummm...Diverted by side link:
Is Gov't doing enough about prostitution?

Sounds like a government program I can finally get behind
get on top of
get out in front for

Copies of Mein Kampf are now available at half off.

Monorchic WBAGNFARB and Utter Piece Of $h!t WBAGNFHitler.

Dunno, Joe, that doesn't seem to scan right. I remember it as "... but they were VERY VERY small..."

...to say nothing of the Fascinating Fascists.

(As they say in the German version of Hogan's Heros, Heil Schnitzler!)

Richard...I would simply comment, most respectfully, that I believe the first two lines are identical in syllabification and stresses:
HITler/they say had/ JUST/ONE/BALL
GOERing/had two but/ THEY/WERE/SMALL

Am I unnecessarily quibbling? I think not: it is scholarly dialogues of this nature that provide the compost that nourishes the Blog's rich scholarly atmosphere, which can frequently be smelled as far north as Chicago.

Strike one of those "scholarly"s in my last post. I just HATE repetitive academics.


Fair enough, Joe. I shall chalk up my adolescence as a miserable failure for learning it wrong.

As sung by Der Fuehrer The Chairman:

All or nothing at all
Half a pair, never appealed to me
If her leaders refuse to yield to me
Then my panzers, panzers will will take over Gaul

I said all or nothing at all
Since one's gone, then give me Sudeten
Why resist then cry, for your pants you'll be wettin'
No you'd better, better just give me it all

Hey please don't bring your troops close, or it'll be over, ja!
Don't you smile at my scrotally prodigal ball
The missing orb is so odd it feeds my xenophobia
And war starts until the entire Continent falls

And as I felt, felt quite puny and small
Don't you know, there's a gap in my underwear
So you see, I've got to wage warfare
All or nothing at all

George Carlin mentioned this in a skit from the 70's. He said Hitler had one ball and two strikes.

You people laugh, but you need to keep in mind that it was made of brass.

*sniffs the air*

What a rich scholarly atmosphere!

Meanie...Once again I have to compliment you, not only on your lyrical gifts, but on your knowledge of fine old tunes. Where were you when I used to hang out at the piano bar???

Did you look underneath, Betsy? ;)


Meanie...Was that YOU?!?

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