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November 25, 2008


Knife-wielding robber with underwear on head stopped by civilians in golf cart

Key Quote Indicating Alertness of Clerk: The clerk noticed the man was wearing men's underwear as a mask and replied, "You gotta be kidding," police wrote.

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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Hi...with so much financial distress in our country with the poor people and our government under such economic stress, perhaps this is a good time for the Obama Inauguration to give the money to the needy, rather than spend tens of millions of dollars lavishly for really no good reason. Yes, it is a mile stone he has achieved, but putting the $ into the needy pockets is better than those who feed at the govenrment trough...like kind of "practice what you preach....change".

I hope they were clean.

"This is a stinkup!"

See, this is what the opening in the tighty whities is REALLY for. It's an eyehole!

Bob, I have a different opinion on that one. (I said the same thing about the Bush inauguration.) Remember that hundreds of people will be working to provide all the services required for a gala like that. They are expecting millions of people, who will be putting money for hotels, meals, transportation, etc. into the DC economy, which has more than it's share of needy people.

Charity is a one-time bandaid, jobs are a cure.

Oops, God didn't say that, I did.

"The blade broke off, and the robber left the store and ran across the driving range, police wrote."

It would have been so perfect if the buffoon had gotten whacked by a solidly driven Titleist. Kinda carney-pinballesque.

Boxers or briefs?

"Son, you got panties on your head..."

He couldn't find any pantyhose in his size.

Sio: thong.

"Son, you got panties on your head..."

Posted by: Allen at Division | 10:49 AM on November 25, 2008

Exactly, Allen! I guess the clerk didn't see Raising Arizona.

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