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November 25, 2008



(Thansk to WriterDude)


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ATM = All Terrain Moron

This machine charges a 7 to 10 year sentence for full cash and equipment withdrawals. Do you accept this charge?

<----- Yes
<----- No

Maybe they should just send him to Leavenworth. Oh wait, he's already there.

He won't even need to change his address/zip code when they move him to his new residence!

Step 1: Drop ATM off cliff
Step 2: Watch money fly away with the wind
Step 3: There is no #3, but if there WAS, it would be: Go to jail. (Do not pass Go...)

"My Lord, I've got a cunning plan...."

"Officers said the suspect suffered serious injury (one broken ego?), but he is expected to survive (all the teasing in jail)."

shoddy journalism - they only printed half of the officers quotes.


WD, you should say "no, no need to thansk me." Or maybe not, in case Mr. Language Person's (not Persons's) spell-chunker is feeling under the whether.

Yeah, dwv, I spotted that too, but in the end I decided to let it get buried rather than strain too hard to make a Popeye joke. ;-)

In fact, WD, that's an elite club you've joined. A Blogcite with a typo. Ranks up there with (Melvil) Dewey's triumph over Truman (Capote), I'd say.

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