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November 20, 2008


Rogue flamingo recaptured in Iowa

(Thanks to Siouxie)

(Yes, "Rogue Flamingo" WBAGNFARB)


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Well, now it'll just have to molt and re-grow again, won't it?

"Blank Park Zoo"? Just when I thought Iowa couldn't be any more boringer. No wonder the flamingo was trying to escape.

And congrats to Siouxie, for finally getting posted.

Uh..thanks Frances. Don't you have some trailer trash to clean up??

Nuh-uh. My baby's baby daddy (the 3rd one) said he's gonna come over and do that for me. When he gets out of prison in March.

He tried to plead innocent, but the rogue flamingo didn't have a leg to stand on.

Thank god they caught the flamingo and put his thoughts of freedom out of his mind for his own good. Now he will live out his days happily in captivity and the world is at peace again.

I don't blame him for trying to escape. Have you ever been to Des Moines? It's Scranton without all the glitz.

As someone who lives in Iowa, I was cheering for the flamingo. And yes, this was a top story on the local news.

*snork* @ Layzee!

Ten minutes after this picture was taken, at the zoo:


Actually. Who's in charge of Everything?

(Totally safe for work if your boss is a Democrat. And blind.)

So, flying birds is a real news maker in Iowa?

I saw Twister, you got cows that fly and no one was impressed, but hey a bird that flies?!?!?

Poor birdie.

Round up this bird, and put him on my neighbors' lawn for Christmas.

They took PICTURES of my backyard, whilst everyone in the family was ill in August, and sent them to the weed board.

Anyone got a supply of those plastic pink flamingos? That will do!


Re: Des Moines: the Children's hospital is also Blank. Really.

Re: North Dakota. More boring than Des Moines.


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