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November 19, 2008


It has reached Bremerton.

(Thanks to Tampa Norm)


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Crucified Squiirel would be an Excellent name for a heavy metal band.

Must have been a tiny little hammer.

The itty bitty loin cloth was a nice touch.

Give us Brer Rabbit!

1) Did he come back to life in 3 days?

2) Anyone seen my handbasket?

3) As if!

A warning not to feed the little beggars?

A commentary on his taste in lawn ornaments?

An "artist" giving out free samples?

I shall spend sleepless nights until they tell us...


Jesus wasn't in a bag... What was THAT all about? Are they selling these at WalFart now? Alongside garden gnomes?

Scoot over, Siouxie. This handbasket's gonna fill up fast today.

Was it in a clear one-quart plastic bag? If so, the perp must have flow in on a commercial flight.

The bitch of it was tearing up my fingers making such a tiny crown-of-thorns.

Oh, great. Now the other squirrels will start worshiping this one. They'll start acting all "squirrelier-than-thou," and ban marriages between gay squirrels.

This is how it starts, peoples.

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