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November 26, 2008


If your child's third-grade class is planning to hold a Thanksgiving feast, make sure you get to the parents' sign-up sheet early, so you can sign up for something easy, such as paper plates. We failed to do this, so we wound up with the last item on the list: turkey. Thus this morning, as the clock ticked away the minutes leading to the feast deadline, we were in the kitchen frantically carving turkeys (yes, these were plural turkeys). This was stressful for us, although it was Dog Disney World for Lucy, because the kitchen was filled with turkey smells and dripping turkey juice and the occasional piece of actual turkey landing on the floor where a dog could snork it down and then lick the spot for 14 straight minutes in case there were any molecules left. Lucy could not BELIEVE how great Thanksgiving is. She would like to celebrate it every morning.

We finally finished carving, loaded the car and drove to the school. The moms who had picked the easier sign-up items had set up the food on picnic tables outside. They were anxiously awaiting the turkey, so we handed it to them over the security fence, like people sneaking turkey into a prison. Then we went and signed in at the office and joined the kids and parents for the feast. That was great, and what was even greater was that when we got home, Lucy had not chewed up or pooped on anything. We are thankful for that, and for many other things, and we hope that you have at least as much to celebrate.

Happy Thanksgiving. 


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Welcome out of the blog closet, blue brother! (Or sister).

happy thanksgiving!
(100th post?)

Homemade cheese biscuits are fresh out of the oven!! Mmm....

MtB - Thanks...it was kinda dark in there anyway. Ah, yes, the turkeys in the oven, the gravy is made, and the wine is ready to pour....I feel as if I'm runnin' a bit behind everyone else....story of my life.

Thanks Siouxie.......and thanks to all of you for making me laugh. And thanks that Ms. Jazzzz has just enough dain bramage to put up with me. (Thanksgiving is the day we were married)

I feel so much a part of the crowd...bot has apparently eaten my last post....anyway - that would be a playablue of the female side.

Oh Turkey Day, oh Turkey Day...

then there's

Oh Tur-key Day-yay,
Oh Tur-dey Day-yay,

(a song?)

I'm going to a friend who's preparing a vegetarian feast...Roasted Mushrooms, mashed potatoes, roasted sweet potatoes and garlic spinach! and wine! (lots of wine)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Turkey Day to one and all. I'm thankful because #1 son told me today he's coming home for Christmas. Turkey day for me isn't until Sunday when #2 son and my husband will both be home. So today I'm eating vicariously through the posts here. **that did NOT sound right somehow**

It makes you wonder if the first Thanksgiving was like this, with all the participants vying to do the easiest/least time-intensive dishes? Especially since cooking any type of fowl entailed spearing it with stick and holding it over a fire.

Seth, that might not be as easy as it sounds...

i'm posting from my new mini-eee pc. hi scott!! :)

welcome, playablue..... enter at own risk !!

welcome, playablue!

YAY for judi and her mini-pc!

*just got back from Turkey dinner #1 with my girls and best friends*

*taking a nap to get ready for Turkey dinner #2 with my sister and HER family*

*will have turkey coming outta the -------*

You know how sometimes you eat a bit too much? Then, especially if you're an early riser like me, you get a bit sleepy when Detroit is already down 41-10? Then how you may decide to take a nap on the couch?

Well, apparently, the estrogen lobby decided that was not acceptable, so they conned a youngster into ruining my nap. And, Booyyyy am I gonna get them back; butt, first I hafta find the nail polish remover.

Daisymae -- Tur-dey??? I ain't touchin' that one. Happy Thanksgiving, all!

OK, bird's been devoured and dessert is history. It's gettin' near time for the schnapps. And I'm not talkin' peppermint.

Stuffed to the gills and this vodka is lovely! Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a (THUNK)... oh sorry....

well another t.day/another day to overeat/i think im going to exploud from all i had to eat today so i came online to stop myself from eating myself to oblivion


p.s. yes i was rhyming on purpose. its my own song that i just made up. happy thanksgiving every one lol

OK, the smoked turkey was delicious, dinner was wonderful, and the family had a nice get-together. I'm with eilbe, stuffed to the gills (bill?) and watching football. I am so thankful for this blog and everyone here who always brighten my days. Y'all are the best!

In the words of Tiny Tim,

God bless us, everyone.

Happy Dysfunctional Holidays, Turkeys!

I'm stuffed! But in a good way.

*wanders in*




*falls asleep in recliner*

*sneaks in and carefully places djt's hand in a pail of warm water*

Not me this time, djt. I swear!

*paints tony's fingernails on his other hand with bright pink polish*

*Walks into blog. Sees Tony asleep in a puddle of urine, but with pretty nails. Steps around him and starts coffee maker. Reminds self not to ask any questions.*

Drains Punkin's coffee and starts another day down in the bit mines.

Ah, Lucy, blogdoggess extraordinaire. (Only 14 minutes? slacker!)

My silly Beagle dog managed to strain her behind end wagging at full speed for about 8 hours straight. (I did not know it was possible for this to happen)Nine new people to pet her and praise her and OMGisthatFOODIwillloveyouforEVER!?!? My silly non-Beagle Dog is just smirking in the background, because he is tall enough to reach the table and be a Bad Dog.

Cool, Judi! How you like? Running Linux, or XP?

Wasn't about to cook a turkey for one, so I briefly baked a fraction of a ham with a cobbled-together glaze that turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself.

*wakes up*

*takes shower*

*admires manicure*

*sets several anonymouse traps around the blog*

Hey Dave,

Happy Thanksgiving to you, and thanks for the great post! I am personally grateful that you continue to do such a great job lightening up the world!

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