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November 26, 2008


If your child's third-grade class is planning to hold a Thanksgiving feast, make sure you get to the parents' sign-up sheet early, so you can sign up for something easy, such as paper plates. We failed to do this, so we wound up with the last item on the list: turkey. Thus this morning, as the clock ticked away the minutes leading to the feast deadline, we were in the kitchen frantically carving turkeys (yes, these were plural turkeys). This was stressful for us, although it was Dog Disney World for Lucy, because the kitchen was filled with turkey smells and dripping turkey juice and the occasional piece of actual turkey landing on the floor where a dog could snork it down and then lick the spot for 14 straight minutes in case there were any molecules left. Lucy could not BELIEVE how great Thanksgiving is. She would like to celebrate it every morning.

We finally finished carving, loaded the car and drove to the school. The moms who had picked the easier sign-up items had set up the food on picnic tables outside. They were anxiously awaiting the turkey, so we handed it to them over the security fence, like people sneaking turkey into a prison. Then we went and signed in at the office and joined the kids and parents for the feast. That was great, and what was even greater was that when we got home, Lucy had not chewed up or pooped on anything. We are thankful for that, and for many other things, and we hope that you have at least as much to celebrate.

Happy Thanksgiving. 


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Have Turkey Joy, Dave and the Blogs!

Happy Thanksgiving Dave!
Happy Thanksgiving Judi!
Happy Thanksgiving bloglits!

We are having our annual KFC fueled Thanksgiving dinner.
Y'all have a great relaxing holiday.

Very cute.

I took my kid and his contribution to the feast - a big big salad - to school in a taxicab this morning which then took me back home, incurring a fare that I'm sure will be at least as much as the repair to the electrical system of the as-of-this morning inert minivan that was just towed in to the shop.

But still I am thankful. Happy Thansgiving to all.

I'm thankful for the gathering of all my relatives.

I'm even more thankful that I will not be anywhere near it.

I am truly thankful that excellent restaurants are open on Thanksgiving.

I should have been a third grader. I'm starved.

And a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Dave, as well as to all those who frequent the blog making it my respite from sanity.

I am anxiously and nervously awaiting the arrival of my girls who are driving down from Sarasota. Then, I can finally relax and give "thanks".

Hope you all have much to give thanks for as I do. One of the things being this blog and all the great friendships it has brought to my life.


OK..who brung the turkey??

Happy Turkey Day, Dave, and all the bloglits. I'm truly thankful for all of you.

And for not having to cook the whole dinner this year.

And for pie.

Lucy has the best Thanksgiving of all...with her own shiny new family. Happy T-day to all of you.

and *snork* @ Punkin - I hear ya!

Hayy Turkey Day, Dave, judi, and the rest of the bloglits!

Even though I mostly lurk, I have really enjoyed getting to know the regulars on the blog and look forward to seeing what they have to say daily.

I'm here, Sioux, and dressed for dinner! What are we having?

I'm here Sioux, and dressed for dinner! What are we having?

happy turkey day, everybody!

my teenager kicked me out of the kitchen because i was screwing up the apple pie he's making.

i'm thankful my kids go to schools where any food that doesn't come prepackaged from the factory is banned.

happy thanksgiving all!

And for those who cannot bring themselves to eat turkey flesh, you can get an entire tofurky feast here (bottom left corner) ...

Oh, and if you're planning to watch the Macy's Parade, don't forget to look out for our local pride and joy, the Fred Hill Briefcase Drill Team ... Better than the Rockettes any day ... !

Gobble gobble ...

Happy Tryptophan, one and all, especially judi, Dave and the Blogs (including Lucy and Walter), and Jerry Mathers as the Beaver.

I'm thankful every day for this ridiculously fun place, and for the kindhearted, tolerant and generous IT folks who permi

Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a good Thanksgiving!

that's enough Meanie.

Although this looks a bit Christmasy, with it's candy cane striping, I had to share this recipe with my fellow coronary candidates bloggers.

*smites apostrophe from prior post*

Some people can't get enough Meanie.

Ya'll have a wonderful, safe, joyous, appetizing and Happy Thanksgiving, from the FL transplant :) :)

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Good girl, Lucy! What a wonderful dog you are!

as the parent of three teenagers, i can relate to dave's gratitude for a general lack of mastication and defecation and by-products thereof when i can find it, as well as grunting and surliness.

i am also grateful that since i am cooking for nine tomorrow, that i have four bottles of wine. and since my guests are all underage or female, that means at least 2 1/2 bottles for me.

Dagnabbit. I submitted that there baconized turducky contraption thingy to the Blog an hour ago.

Oh, scr3w that. Happy Thanksgiving to all the great people here! And, in the interests of world peace, a vry Hppy Thksgvng t th ppl f Kprshtskn, too.

SW - my wife would say you can only take so much Meanie.

snork at danny! we get it!

I am thankful that Dave again has a dog to write about. Oh, and Annie's recipe.

Happy T'Day to all!

Danny, your post wasn't up when I started mine, so here's your credit for the assist. ;-)

Sorry, Danny. I had sent it in about a week ago ("Bacon Today" ?!?- wtfbbq?), but thought maybe it had been posted before. Just thought it was apropos of this post.

Re: Dave's 2nd sentence:We failed to do this, so we wound up with the last item on the list: turkey.
I'm guessing 'we' might be defined as the male of the household, who, now that Lucy is there, is outnumbered 3-1.

Happy Thanksgiving to the Blog Family (including Walter and Lucy) and judi and all the bloglits that I have been lucky enough to meet in the past year. And bloglits yet to meet.
And going to a sister-in-laws where I don't have to cook. Oops, I'd better get moving.

A couple of notes on turkey-fixin':

A)Mac 'n cheese stuffing does not work well - I am speaking from experience, people.

2.Instead of a traditional turkey, make one out of ice cream. Scoop piles of ice cream into a turkeyish-shape. Leave a section hollow for whipped-cream stuffing. Use chocolate sauce for gravy.

3)After those last two tips - you want more? Fuggedaboutit.

I have heard from the Gene Pool that the Barrys are joining the Weingartens in DC tomorrow. The Blog Family had better stop carving turkeys and start going to the airport. Who's dogsitting?

And I am thankful that all I need to cook for tomorrow is a pie, and that our friends live only 6 minutes away.

1. Props on getting the turducky in a week ahead of me. (My "Bacon Today" subscription lapsed; I had to wait until the blogosphere offered up a source from which I could rip off the idea in which I could read about it.)

2. Mac 'n' cheese? No way. There's only one proper way to make stuffing.

3. After the meal, don't forget the mints and the toothpicks.

It's almost noon. Who's stuffing the lunch lady?

*drools over White Castle stuffing*
*thinks cheeseburgers would work even better*
*advises that in this area Kristal is the same as White Castle*

Happy Turkey to all! The Border collies in my office are doing a happy dance and wish the same to Lucy and any other persons of the dog persuasion out there.

*change Kristal to Krystal*

Something to go with Annie's bacon throw pillows (below the recipe) ...

Official Blog Fruit = Bacon.

slightly OT - anyone else notice evidence of a Holiday Weirdness Magnet? Odd people becoming odder, etc...I thought I was avoiding it by not being home for Thanksgiving, but the oddness seems to be following me.

AWBH - those of us who are odd do not, by definition, notice an increase in oddness.

Well we're off over hill and dale (poor Dale) to grandmother's the in-law's house. oh joy.

In the mean time, y'all have a great weekend, and thanks again for so many laughs for so long. Don't know where I'd be without you bloggits to brighten my days.

God Bless.

Forgot, pogo, that you reside with odd dogs like this one.

Happy Thanksgiving! Dave

Y'all have a pleasant, safe and tasty holiday weekend ... with a minimal amount of familial discord to disturb the digestive processes ...

I am sure this will more than make up for when Lucy finds out about the 4th of July and tries to personaly dig a hole straight through the earth to try to get away from the bangs and booms.

*Waves drumstick at OtheU*

Happy Thanksgiving to Dave and Judi and everyone in the underblog.

Key phrase, Dave: *Frozen Turkey Breasts* No fuss, no muss.

Don't feel bad Danny. I seem to be on a roll of sending in links that have been posted on the original Thanksgiving day. It's almost like you have to actually READ the blog in order to to know what has been posted. Can someone send me the Cliffsnotes™ version? *borrowed extra ? from Mot*

I am thankful #2:

For healthy children & fat, healthy grandbabies.

I am also thankful that Annie lives too far away to hit me, and Siouxie loves me enough to put the machete in the closet when I visit.

There is no Thankful #3.


We live in an unfathomably strange world.

There you go.

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving from "Mutts"

To the entire Blogworld: Happy Thanksgiving as well from Men and Elves, Hobbits, Dwarves, and Wizards, and all Free Folk from Middle Earth! I'm thankful for family, friends, bloglits giving me a respite from the insanity known as "work," *SNORKS*, and GNFRBs! Safe holiday to all!!

Happy T-Day, Barrys! Have a safe trip, and I'll wave as you pass over (if you're flyin' into Dulles, anyway).

Seeing the folks at/after Christmas rather than now, this year, so the day will be spent in quiet thanks. Unlike Dr. Mel.

Happy Thanksgiving, All!

may your day be filled with great food, long naps, and joy!

How can I cook a turkey when I'm clearly conflicted on which shoes match my oven mitts?

A meaningful T-day to all!

...and white castle/krystal/royal castle stuffing! *drool*

Happy thanksgiving to all my American cousins...we had ours last month.

Oh...and neaner...

Dispatcher: "9-1-1 emergency, how may I help you?"
frodolives: "c-a-n-t b-r-e-a-t-h-e..."
Dispatcher: "Sir, did I understand you correctly, you are unable to breathe?"
frodolives: "s-n-o-r-k-e-d b-e-e-r t-h-r-o-u-g-h n-o-s-e a-n-d e-s-o-p-h-a-g-u-s a-t o-n-c-e..."
Dispatcher: "Sir, you snorked beer and can't breathe? Did someone make you do this?"
frodolives: "F-i-n-d C-h-e-r-y-l H-o-w-a-r-d... s-h-o-e-s... o-v-e-n m-i-t-t-s... c-a-n-t b-r-e-a-t-h-e..."

Well, I'm finally catching up. So I made this silly greeting from crossgirl, crosslittlist, and me. Enjoy the big eats and pointy ball, all.

From a country where today is just another day, please accept my best Thanksgiving wishes to Dave, Judi and all the other inmates of this cyber asylum.

Be particularly thankful if you do not have family and friends caught up in the madness in Mumbai.

I'm thankful that my girls had a Feast at their elementary school for six years each. That wonderful 50-year tradition was recently discontinued soon after my girls moved on to middle school. Gotta love bureaucrats.

I'm thankful that I'm able to cook a real feast for my clan, and that many of them are actually able to come tomorrow.

On the menu is turkey, stuffing, homemade gravy, kugelis and Lithuanian sausage for the Lithuanians, braciole for the Italians, my mom's mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, green beans with BACON, spring greens salad with cranberries and candied walnuts and raspberry vinaigrette dressing, my MIL's cranberry sauce and jello, crescent rolls for the kid in all of us, and too many yummy homemade desserts made by Grandma and my kids to count.

The blogits should be thankful that I have not linked once more to the video clip of Monica Geller with a turkey on her head, or the Jackie Beat video (somebody DID mention beavers up there, you know). Right, Siouxie? ;)

I'm thankful that my church had a Thanksgiving mass tonight and that means I don't have to wake up at 5am Thursday. I'm thankful for my bickering teenagers who helped me set up the house for company today.

My dog is thankful for the end piece of stuffing that he got tonight, and for being permitted to lick the gravy pan.

I'm thankful for the little 5-inch diameter pumpkin that came out of my garden in September and is still not rotten. We have a tradition of passing a pumpkin around the table and everyone writing on it what they are grateful for. So this year we have a homegrown (albeit small) pumpkin to use.

I'm thankful for my hubby, my family, my friends, and this blog. And for my pillow tonight, and for no alarm clock tomorrow morning.

Happy, happy, gobble, gobble, everyone!

I've have hosted Thanksgiving for 50 or more college students as a university employee. This year, I am thankful I am going to my sisters' house with my 18 year old daughter. When i asked what I could brimg, she said "nothing". I loves my big sister Donna.

Edit... "I" gets capitalized, and "brimg" actually means BRING.

...and Happy Thanksgiving to all you good Blog folks who helped me through this year. And extra prayers to all those folks serving our country. Please know we all pray for your safe return.

I am thankful that in my family Thanksgiving is a 4-5 day celebration with Wednesday being designated PIE DAY. We have done this for 30 years and is great fun. Today we baked 12 pumpkin pies, 3 marionberry pies, 2 custard pies, one chocolate cream and 1 apple. Then we baked 60 dinner rolls.
I now have a house that is bursting at the seams with people(24) sleeping everywhere. I love my big insane family!! So, from the Macy Clan to yours "Have a Very Happy Turkey Day".

As an original bloglit back from the days when His Blogness and Her Blogness managed to add the comment feature to this blog... I am truly thankful.

You all make me *snork* when I've had a rotten day, and no matter what views are expressed, we never seem to resort to the obscenities and name calling that seems to plague other forums.

I wish all of you happy and safe holidays, no matter what you may be celebrating.

*sneaks behind the blogbar and whips up a batch of blognog*



I'm popping in to wish you all a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving; and to thank tony for the blognog. You outdid yourself this year.

A Thanksgiving tradition? Take this, Alice's Restaurant!

*Joins Sly in a blognog toast to djt*

Well, Rebekah, that's quite a clan, and list. I'm guessing that Marion Barry pie goes a long way towards getting you outdoors for that Macy parade!

Oh, do we have dinner on Thanksgiving too??

...and another one I just couldn't resist... (Cat, you'll like this one)

Rebekah...I thought marionberry was a
mayor/ex-mayor/felon/mayor/ex-mayor.... ??

Jeezzzz, Jazzzz, at least read the thread if not every post; I already made that "crack"!

(Or, maybe mine was too obscure) ;]

Don't think that marion berry joke hasn't been made 100 times in this house. Since we are in Oregon we only get to watch the Macy's Day Parade in the livingroom. Well I'm off to start the turkey. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Forgive him, CJ. It's the crack, you know.

Happy Thanksgiving, bloglits! Also to Dave and Family, including Walter and Lucy. judi, I hope some naked men show up on your doorstep to deliver your stuffing, IYKWIM.

i'm thankful for electricity and an oven. an oven that cooks turkey 1 1/2 hours less than conventional formulas allow. an oven that provides me with luscious bronzed turkey two 1/2 hours before guests are to arrive, two hours before the rolls will be done rising even if guests were to arrive early. i'm thankful for the challenge. really. and for wine. lots and lots of wine.

I am Thankful for kind friends. I am thankful to people who go out of their way to be nice to you, rather than going out of their way to be mean.
I am thankful for shared laughter and shared tears.I love you all, ya big sillyheads.
*wipes eyes*

It's just dust, yeah, the blog is dusty...

Just saw the Briefcase Drill Team - soooo serious! I love it! :D

(((((Punkin))))) I love you, too. *smooch*

cg - I just left you two messages cuz your phone was wonky and you may not have gotten the first one. Two words: Keep basting! (and drink all the wine you want, my friend. :)

*snork* @ Suzy Q!

Well 2 of my corn bread casseroles are in the oven and now I have time to be thankful for all of God's blessings.

I'm thankful...

For family, for friends and for this blog and those who inhabit this crazy world we call "home". For those of you who I've met, and those who I have yet to meet or will never meet. For your gifts of laughter and friendship.

Mostly for the ones that make this possible - Dave and judi. Thank you both for providing a place to come and laugh and cry and be silly and dorky. A place where we don't have to be grownups (not that many of us are). God Bless you all and your families.

For those of you (and you know who you be), who've become personal friends of mine and who've been there for me when I've needed you - I couldn't be more blessed with your friendship.

For my girls and for the opportunity to have them home, safe and healthy.

I am especially thankful for our men and women who are fighting to keep us free and those who have given up their lives to do so. For those in far away places, away from their families. May God keep them safe and may the spend their next Thanksgiving day at home with all their loved ones.

Oh yeah..and for wine ;-)

Love ya all! Have a great Thanksgiving Day!!!!!

This is a different Thanksgiving for me. My contribution to the Portland family gathering is the floral centerpiece. Over the weekend, my sibs will take Dad to Section KK, Plot 333 at Willamette National Cemetery where the centerpiece navigates my Mom's wishes that flowers enjoyed be by the living and my wish to send flowers to her.

I'm thankful that Mom isn't confused anymore and that she is at peace.

Could someone pass the bacon, please?

*runs up and adds a 'y' up there before the spelling patrol get here*

*adds 's' to siouxie's "get" and gloats*

What siouxie said at 12:46. ...plus we're not in Mumbai.

*passes bacon to NMUA*

I took the bird out of the brine a couple of hours ago and turned it over to The Chief Cook and Spouse, then tried to head for the shop to hide. (The house will soon be full of females.) But I got caught and I have been cleaning carpet ever since.

pogo, I too am in the carport. Thank goodness for beer fridges, or in my case, the Gator bucket cg gave me to ice down beers in.

Gawd, the Lions suck!!

Happy Day of The Bird to all. Here's a short list of things for which I'll be showing gratitude:

> That we still live in a country that allows for the creativity and inginuity of the individual to be expressed so that we can still find new and exciting ways to brew new flavors of beer.
> For a beautiful daughter who sits beside me at a class fieldtrip science film and promptly begins heckling before I can.
> The engineering skills that allow for the sport of hockey to be played in its natural setting - a fetid, ninety degree swamp in Sunrise Florida.
> Wi-Fi hotspots which allow us to stay updated on the important stories and the comments they generate, at all hours of the day.
> The end of the WGA writer's strike, which allows for the return of "24", and gives us a forum to comment on the numerous writing innaccuracies in the scripts.
> The advent of digital technology that makes the entire cannon of MST3K available for personal viewing at any moment.
> Lastly, I appreciate this little dysfunctional slice of the ethernet and all the denizens therein. Not only does this place keep the anxieties of the world in perspective but it comforts the soul to know I am not in possesion of the most bent psyche.

Enjoy this day, Bloglits, and the overlords who bring it to us - unless Judi has been terminated again. . .

I am thankful for Hubby, who has made it possible for me to stay home for the last few years to take care of my Mom. I am thankful for my two boys. I am thankful for the wonderful year we have had and that we are all healthy. I am thankful that our extended family will soon be descending upon our home for good food and great company. I am especially thankful that the Lions are once again getting the crap kicked out of them, giving my Hubby and Son the opportunity to rag on me because I am from Detroit!

Thanks to Dave, Judi, and all the bloglits, for making this a great source for laughs and a break from the stress of the day.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

*sets out buffet of extra letters and punctuationy thingys in case anyone wants them*

I wish Punkin were here to share this double chocolate pie with me. I wish Siouxie were here to share her cornbread casserole with me. I wish CJ were here to, well,....hmmmm....I'll figure out something. Happy Bird-day to y'all.

*applauds Siouxie* I couldn't have said it better. :)

(nmua - BIG hugs to you. I lost my beloved mother suddenly in September and I understand how you feel. Have a blessed day, my friend.)

Sadly, we are not having any Thanksgiving picnics here in the Pacific Northwest. Actually, the sun is currently peeking through the clouds, so technically it might be possible to have picnic, but the weather is always subject to change here without warning.

Instead, we will be driving to the other side of Puget Sound to sup with friends. Normally this is a 1.5 hour journey, but on Thanksgiving it generally takes more time than roasting a turkey. I am very thankful that the price of gas has dropped to $1.85 per gallon. At last summer’s prices fueling our vehicles for this trip would have required taking out a third mortgage.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

monsoon, you'll get there more quickly if you roast the turkey in cg's oven.

pogo, carpet?! You're cleaning carpet? Man, you screwed up; you're supposed to pretend to clean the carport while watching the game and drinking beer! Oh well, off to finish making the gravy (Gag! The estrogen in there!) and carve the boid.

Thanks be upon y'all.

CJ - I managed to visit the beer cooler on a regular basis and run the carpet cleaner with one hand, while wearing my AM/FM hearing protectors with the game on.

I finished the carpet a while ago, and I am in the process of burning a CD with Alice's Restaurant to take up to play while I carve the bird.

I am deeply grateful that doing THIS has never occurred to my dear sweet wife.

And for being able to drive a mere half-hour to where a cousin is preparing the feast.

Happy Thanksgiving to all you wonderful people on the blog who have kept me giggling and smiling for the past year. Lurker no more.

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