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November 21, 2008


The Role of Vitamin D in Beta Cell Function, starring Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon

(Thanks to Meanie the Blue)


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Money for the arts . . . !!

As a fan of the arts and a closet geek, I find that very, very cool.

I like to take the "tough love" approach with my beta cells.

They can function on vitamin c like everyone else, is what I say.

And if they don't like it they can just

I don't know about all this.... I am still firmly convinced that the hokey pokey is still what it's all about....

"Resolving Pathways of Functional Coupling in Human Hemoglobin Using Quantitative Low Temperature Isoelectric Focusing of Asymmetric Mutant Hybrids"

It was OK. But it wasn't one of the better functional-coupling-involving-mutant-hybrids movies I've seen.

*covers Christobol with a sheet and calls coroner*

I thought they left too much out from the book.

Will there be a sequel?

Who knew boffins can dance?

And I would certainly recommend that you stay downwind of any methane-bearing brown dwarf...

I laughed! I cried! I calculated pi to 75 decimal places!

from the makers of "Grad School Musical"...

So that would be vitamin Dorky?

For an explanation of this dance, click "(more info)" to the right of the video ...

From: lilyforest110
Added: November 14, 2008

PhD title: The role of Vitamin D in beta-cell function.
Graduate student: Sue Lynn Lau
Performers: Members of the Diabetes & Transcription Factors Lab Group
Synopsis: Every PhD begins in the dark, but it takes only a few bright sparks to kindle the flame of discovery...
The crucial role of sunlight exposure as the most important source of vitamin D in humans is highlighted. Vitamin D is newly recognised to be involved in the function of many organ systems, including the beta cells of the endocrine pancreas. These cells make insulin in response to glucose stimulation.
Initially, the beta cells are in an unstimulated state, with minimal activity. At the arrival of the sugar plum fairy (symbolising glucose), the cells are able to sense the presence of glucose through the enzyme glucokinase. When glucose enters the cells through glut 2 transporters (marshmallow feeding), it is metabolised to produce the energy molecule, ATP. Through a number of steps, this leads to a rise in positive charge inside the cell, which ultimately triggers the export of insulin-storing granules by a process known as exocytosis (depicted here by the blowing of bubbles). Normal insulin secretion requires the coordinated function of beta cells via intercellular connections and communications as they work in concert.
We are investigating whether vitamin D has an effect in improving beta-cell function and increasing insulin secretion... are they "walking on sunshine"??
Category: Science & Technology

Tags: PhD Dance

If I knew dancing was involved, I might have taken more chemistry classes in college.

LOL @ insom!

Geeks can be so much fun!

Cat, as someone who has just been diagnosed with the Big D, that dance about insulin and glucose cuts a little too close to home, I'm afraid... Besides, my doctor already knows full well that Vitamin D is an important supplement in such cases...

Steve, she'll make sure you're well taken care of. She'll bring you insulin shots, you bring her catnip.


Geeezzz..and to think that I assumed that getting my B.Comm (Acctg) just involved busting my a$$ and studying 6 hrs a night...and instead I could have danced my way to completion...

I feel like such a fool...

Somehow when I think of a hot nurse who makes house calls, a different image comes to mind.

But that's just me...

Incidentally at present blood sugar is well controlled and the doctor has no worries about insulin for some time yet. Knock Walter...

I would have disqualified them for not choreographing the prologue.

I would have dissed them for prolonging the choreography.

Steve---google "niacin and diabetes". They've found that niacin supplements can greatly delay the need for insulin in controlled diabetes. You can buy niacin a whole hellofa lot cheaper than insulin, that is for sure.

Well, I just googled it and now they say it's not good. I wish "they" would make up their minds, whoever they are. Some articles say extended release, some say not at all. Just knock Walter and that should do it.

Snork Annie

sheesh, Annie...you mean you didn't LIKE IT??

The guy at the beginning reminds me of Steve Martin's "Happy Feet"

Category: POST DOC * * MAGNA CUM LAUDE * *

Name: frodolives

PhD Title: "The Pathogenesis of the Gag Reflex and Involuntary Projectile Vomiting"

Choreographed to: "The Macarena"

Who knew there were so many uses for interpretive dance! I think Congress should try it too! At least I could laugh until I cry rather than just...cry.

They tried to do a dance about the Hadron Supercollider, but at the end all the dancers were sucked into a black hole.

The dance about quantum physics. No one knew when it started, when it ended, who was in it, or where it was performed or not performed. It just was and then wasn't.

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